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  1. bmccoy11

    Poor Mobile Layout

    The responsive layout of these forums on my Nexus 5 (and other phones too, I'm sure) is messed up and is really hard to read. Could you fix the layout so posts actually fit the screen width?
  2. bmccoy11

    Change cPanel Theme

    Could someone change my cPanel theme back to Paper Lantern? The x3 theme is really getting old.
  3. bmccoy11

    What happened to IRC support?

    What happened to x10Hosting's IRC support channel? It seems that it was quietly shut off a while back, and nobody has posted about it.
  4. bmccoy11

    000WebHost Security Breach

    Millions of passwords were apparently stored in plaintext. 000WebHost hasn't made any comment, but continues to upsell their premium services.
  5. bmccoy11

    Link cPanel account with forum account

    Hi, I'd like to link my cPanel accont with my x10Hosting forums account, but when I do, I get a vague error message - "A fatal error has occurred". Could someone manually link my cPanel account, bmccoyx2, with my forum account please?
  6. bmccoy11


    When I set my nameservers to Cloudflare's, they propagate in a few minutes. But when I set my nameservers to ns1 and, they don't propagate. I waited for about 24 hours to see if anything would change, and no, when set to x10Hosting's nameservers I still get a reply saying that...
  7. bmccoy11

    PHP 5.6.6

    Are you going to upgrade PHP 5.5 to PHP 5.6.6 anytime soon?
  8. bmccoy11

    SSL Support

    It would be nice if Free Hosting supported SSL for Cloudflare. As of now, without SSL support on x10Hosting's servers, Cloudflare is still vulnerable to MITM attacks when flexible SSL is on.
  9. bmccoy11

    Email Authentication

    The Email Authentication cPanel section won't load on xo3. Has anyone else noticed this?
  10. bmccoy11

    Send content-length header

    Why isn't the content-length header set by default? It looks like it was disabled back when the new Varnish caching system was enabled, and I can't find a way to re-enable it. Disabling the Varnish cache via .htaccess didn't help. Does anyone know how to enable it?
  11. bmccoy11

    Page Elements Not Loading Properly

    My WordPress site, has been really, really slow lately. Many elements and images aren't loading due to a 522 error. What's going on now? Is this a result of the new security options that were recently implemented?
  12. bmccoy11

    Can't log into WordPress using Jetpack

    I can't log into WordPress using my account (edit: I can't log in at all), I get this error: What's going on? I tried disabling caching, which did nothing.
  13. bmccoy11

    Website Down, Can't Login To cPanel on XO3

    Hello, is XO3 having issues right now? My website is down and I can't login to the cPanel.
  14. bmccoy11

    Cloudflare SSL Help

    I do know that SSL is unsupported on free hosting, but Cloudflare has recently enabled SSL with no need for the server to have a certificate. At first I thought it should work great, but for some reason my website,, doesn't load objects correctly when set to Flexible SSL. Could...
  15. bmccoy11

    cPanel - Paper Lantern Support

    Will x10Hosting's cPanel ever have the option for the Paper Lantern theme introduced in cPanel 11.44 (the version that x10Hosting is running)?
  16. bmccoy11

    Cloudflare Railgun

    What happened to Railgun support? It was there before the server migration earlier this year, and now it's been gone for a while.
  17. bmccoy11

    New Limits?

    apb91781 has taken a screenshot of the cPanel on xo1. Isn't 8Mbps/1MBPS a little low for the I/O limits? And the storage limit, 512 MB, is very low compared to other web hosts. Are these now the new limits?
  18. bmccoy11

    Brace yourselves; people complaining about migrations on Level are coming.

    Everybody, prepare yourselves for downtime. The migrations have started on Level and I have came prepared with a full backup of my site, MySQL databases, and everything else. Hopefully the migrations go a lot better on Level than they did on Absolut!
  19. bmccoy11

    Storage meter on cPanel incorrect

    Why is the storage meter on cPanel showing that I'm using 0.83/1GB, when I'm only using 135.66MB according to the Disk Space Usage page, and my FTP client?
  20. bmccoy11

    Main domain change

    I'd like to get rid of the default domain ( that's linked to my account, and change it to Is that possible?