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  1. krondos

    Disk Space Usage Limit increase request

    With this request, you need to contact support. They solve these issues. If for some reason they do not want or can not help you, then I advise you to view a list of other hosting sites here . Based on the parameters and your need, you can easily choose...
  2. krondos

    Please review my website!

    The site is very dark. For most users, this is the determining factor. recommended green, blue, orange in combination with white. This attracts the user to the site and makes a desire to stay on it. Look at what colors do websites most companies ui/ux design . These are light colors. But this is...
  3. krondos

    404 Error

    The error itself indicates that the page does not exist. At the time of editing, it is not saved, but is in the cache and will be available only after saving your editing. But more information is needed. What site? What platform? Template or created site? If the site is created, then refer to...