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    Super_need help help help

    cPanel user name: naivekid Domain: Account Manager Login name: littlejumbo Hosting Package: ad-free hosting When i go to my site, it says "This site is not longer available !". I've been waiting for the problem to be solved for more than a week. And when I log in to my...
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    Add-On Domain and Page is not displayed properly!

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to add add-on domain to my current hosting account and I was a little bit confused which IP address to use when I create A record. I found one IP address in my X10 Account Management Panel and there is a different Shared IP address in Cpanel...
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    Hosting my subdomain with x10hosting!

    Hello Everyone, I would like to host the subdomain of my own domain from godaddy at x10hosting. However, since I have already created a lot of subdomains and created contents with blogger. I do not wish to change Name server of my domain to x10hosting. Instead, I would like...
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    Installing Gcard

    Hello Everybody, This is Lj and I am very much curious to try gcard (a free ecards script) but having trouble installing the script. If anyone of you have ever used gcard or know how to install gcard, please help me install the script. I've uploaded the files into a folder...
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    Cpanel Cannot Log in

    To Whom it may concern, I cannot log in to my cpanel since I set up an account with x10hosting. I changed my primary domain to without www and waiting for DNS to be ready. However, 5 hours ago, if i type, I can see...
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    Greeting to X10Hosting admin staffs, Gurus, newbies and all other members xD

    Hello Everybody, This is Lj and I would like to say "Hi" to everyone and tell u sth about myself. I'm a college student who has no clue about website stuffs, so, most of the time, I am gonna have to bother you here, :P. Such a great privilege to meet professionals, gurus...
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    Account unsuspension request

    To whom it may concern, I would like to request for my account unsuspension. I tried to request from the link on the left side of this forum site but it says, i don't have permission to access this feature. Please help me! Kevin