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  1. phibao37

    Ask about cpanel username

    My username on cpanel is used for login, ftp login,... but my username is very long. I have seen it somewhere but now I can't find it. Can it be changed?
  2. phibao37

    CPanel icon missing

    I found that many icons in my cPanel have been disappeared for a long time, such as Change theme, Backup Site, Error Page, Password Protect Directories, etc... I am using x3 theme and cannot change to another theme, and some other work there. Have they been disabled?
  3. phibao37

    Max file upload is too small

    Anyone has the same problem?
  4. phibao37

    Can not access website via ip address

    My web site is, it works fine but I can access via its ip ,it display an error page at What is problem here or any server misconfiguration? I sign up a month ago and haven't change any Cpanel config yet I'm new in web hosting...
  5. phibao37

    Max file upload is too small

    I check the x10 status page and see that the migrations has been completed, but the file upload limit of my site still small: post_max_size: 8M upload_max_filesize: 2M but the free hosting plan is 16M Do something wrong here, my server info: Hosting package: adfree-infinity Server Name: xo1...
  6. phibao37

    Đến khi nào mới đăng kí được free hosting từ Việt Nam?

    Tôi là công dân Việt Nam, trước đây tôi đã từng được sử dụng free hosting của các bạn, nhưng hiện giờ trang web các bạn không cung cấp dịch vụ cho những người đăng kí từ Việt Nam nữa, đúng là do có nhiều người đã lạm dụng trang web các bạn để làm việc sai trái, nhưng cũng có rất nhiều người tốt...