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  1. Insanenight

    premium services

    Hello, i recently purchased the premium services i would like to know how to transfer this free account to the premium. Thanks, Nick R
  2. Insanenight

    addon domain problem

    i added a domain but its not appearing on my control panel, but once i tried to recreate it, i get the error that the domain is already made. the domain is thanks, nick
  3. Insanenight

    Insanen GFX

    Hey guys, i dont know if you guys remenber my old post about my site, well i launch a new version of it.. More simple and cleaner from the old one, please check it out and let me know what do you think, Thanks a lot.
  4. Insanenight

    Account question?

    hey my friend just registered an account on x10, shes loving it soo far. shes asking me to help her maintain/fix her website. is there a problem if i login to her account/ftp?. the reason im asking this is because i have my account for awhile and i dont want to risk losing it. thanks for the help.
  5. Insanenight

    PHPBB Error

    Problem fixed...
  6. Insanenight

    Get advance php config.

    Your application for PHP v3 was denied. The reason stated is -"Please provide a more detailed reason to get the advanced PHP configuration or post on our support forums for more information." I keep getting rejected because it says i dont give many reasons well my scripts its not working and id...
  7. Insanenight

    [REQ][50 - 100] Post in my forums

    Hey guys i am sorry i know its lame to ask for this but i really need some people to post some articles in my forums, ill give you 50 points for a new topic started and a 100 for a tutorial post (please make sure its yours and not copied from some other site) thanks.
  8. Insanenight


    hey been awhile since i check the forums so i decided to check em and as soon as i logged in the forum i got this You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date the ban will be lifted: Never if any admin read this id like to know why i got banned :dunno:
  9. Insanenight Market Place

    Welcome to the Market Place, I made a version of this in my site so im open to make designs you could pay me with x10credits or by registering in my forum and been active. It is up to you guys. Place the type of design you would like, be specific with what you want and ill reply...
  10. Insanenight

    BATMAN:The Dark Knight: 1st six minutes?

    check it out we got the video of the first 6 minutes!!
  11. Insanenight


    Hey what you guys think about my site? thanks to all constructive comments.
  12. Insanenight

    Traffic exchange/affiliate

    Hey guys, anybody wants to affiliate with my site?, its graphic related and soo much more to come.
  13. Insanenight

    Add your Banner @

    Hello everybody :biggrin:, i just added a new system to my index which display a random banner each time you visit the main site. We could add your banner for a low price of $2 per month or 150 x10Credits per month. If your interest you could leave me a message here or contact me on the site...
  14. Insanenight

    Traffic/Link Exchange

    Anyone want to link exchange with me??
  15. Insanenight

    MYSQL Error. Please help (Cossacks)

    Hey i need help , i been looking for this but i cant find any topic about Cossacks mysql error, i could see my databases through the cpanel but my phpfusion is not working, i already changed back to localhost. This is the link Thank you.
  16. Insanenight

    Counter Strike 1.6

    Hey everyone, anybody here have a server or play in any cool server ;)
  17. Insanenight


    Hello i just register a new domain, how can i use this rather than the subdomain, thank you. Edit: I also added the following dns in my domain account.