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  1. w4k3upn0w

    Is it me? Or does pcriot server go down more than it is up?

    I have a site on pcriot This is part of the free plan from x10hosting but the site is down more than I would like it to be :( Is it me? What gives? As I type, my site is down again.
  2. w4k3upn0w

    A great place to find video loops for movie production

    I just found this site with a bunch of great animated background video loops for creating your own intros in mov1es and so on. Downloads: Just thought I would post this here. That is the screenshot of the ones I...
  3. w4k3upn0w

    Thou shall visit the forums once every two weeks?

    4.) Thou shall visit the forums once every two weeks. This is a very simple requirement. You must visit the forums here, once every 2 weeks to keep your account active. If you do not we will assume you are inactive and suspend your account. Is logging in enough or does one have to post too...
  4. w4k3upn0w

    100 % satisfied with free service!

    I signed up the other day and got moving quickly and smoothly. x10hosting has to be the BEST free service I have ever had and that is a fact. x10hosting is faster than 3 paid services I am a part of right now which are being hosted by GoDaddy. I will suggest...
  5. w4k3upn0w

    Can we update Wordpress?

    I noticed after installing wordpress via fantastico/cpanel, that we are using v2.1 and the latest version is 2.6. Is there a way update to the 2.6 version? Thanks.
  6. w4k3upn0w

    You guys are fast!

    Just wanted to say that I put in a request to have my PHP changed to Intermediate and I thought I would have to wait all day, so I browsed the forum for about 40 minutes just to kill some time or see if I could be of any help and as I was about to leave, I decided to check to see if I could now...