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    Just a heads-up to the administrators...

    Just letting you guys know that I'm helping my brother with his website (, not making multiple accounts. This is provable by seeing two computers were active on the site at the same time today. Just making sure you guys knew. :) ~Chrono
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    Do you approve of George W. Bush?

    This doesn't just apply if you're American. Let's make it global. I myself, do not. Having gone to Europe recently, and being asked on multiple occasions and in countries things like 'Do you like Bush?'...'No'...'Good!', I can see that a good majority of the rest of the world doesn't like him...
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    New Forums!

    I'll be adding skins today. It currently has two RPG mods, 57 arcade games, and lord knows how many other features. I'll be adding costs for arcade games and prizes as time goes on.
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    Pentagon creating student database

    WASHINGTON - The Defense Department began working yesterday with a private marketing firm to create a database of high school students ages 16 to 18 and all college students to help the military identify potential recruits in a time of dwindling enlistment in some branches. The program is...
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    Sad news of the day

    SPACE REVOLUTION ON HOLD A solar-powered spacecraft appears to have failed in its first mission. Scientists in California tracking Cosmos 1 after its launch in Russia said they had not picked up signals from the experimental craft. However, project director Louis Friedman has refused to give...
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    Diablo II: LoD

    Does anyone still play? I'll add anyone here to my friends list if you wish. List what realm you play on, too. I'm starting a non-ladder druid on East-Coast tomorrow. Realm - x10 Username - Diablo Username US East Coast - Iceman - Chronology
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    Nigerian police arrest cow

    LAGOS (Reuters) - Nigerian police have arrested a cow that killed a bus driver who was urinating on a highway, a police spokesman said on Thursday. The horned African cow, which was wandering stray in the Ojo district of Nigeria's biggest city Lagos, also injured several bystanders after...
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    Rate website logo?

    Made in photoshop, took 35 minutes. Edit: Topic # 4,000! Awesome.
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    Kids baseball team disbanded after being "too good"

    No one misbehaved. No one broke any rules. But after only a few games, the Columbus Stars have been kicked out of a recreational youth baseball league in Canal Winchester. The players, ages 11 and 12, were deemed too good. On May 9, the Stars beat the Red Sox, 18-0. Two weeks later, the...
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    Legalization of Marijuana?

    I personally have never smoked weed, don't plan on it, and have only known a few people who ever have. I do feel, however, that legalizing it would help much more than hurt. The people who say that it causes car accidents; well, true, it does. But so does alcohol, and it's not illegal to sell...
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    Question about Ads -

    Most of my site's pages have ads on them now, and I'm wondering this: Do I have to put ads on administration-only pages, such as news/poll addition? How about in forums? The forums would be fairly easy to do as I'm positive I've seen ad rotation and placement mods for phpbb before, but it would...
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    Linux Distros?

    What is your favorite, as far as features and things goes? And what is the easiest for beginners to use? P.S.: Please don't clog this topic with Windows XP or Windows in general, I greatly dislike wars over these sorts of things and just want to hear about Linux.
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    New Desktop- $700 range?

    I'm thinking of getting a new desktop, and I would like one that could at least run HL2 and CS Source okay. The only important things I'm looking for here is USB 2 (should be universal now), A processor at least running at 2 ghz, and at least a 64 mb video card (preferably 128). Any clue if such...
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    Physicists Freeze Light, Propose Optical CPU

    Scientists at Harvard University have discovered how to freeze light, so that it can be used to build an optical computer, theoretically capable of processing information ten times faster than traditional electronics. The researchers, led by Prof. Lene Hau, has calculated that controlled...
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    CS 1.6 Server?

    As soon as I get my new computer (probably before September) I can start a dedicated CS 1.6 server for X10Hosting and such if enough people want to join. What do you say, mates?
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    I hope to be under the flag of X10hosting soon. Scanning over these boards, they seem to be a very active community. I'm pleased to be introduced to all of you.