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  1. MtReload

    Mods for IPB

    Well I tried to install the shoutbox mod for IPB and it didn't work. One of my friends says the host which is you guys won't let me run a php file or you don't support it. I don't know, is that true? Amy
  2. MtReload

    Coding help

    Hey, I need a bit of help with coding my site. Well, I have everything else figured out except for how to add content in. Could someone give me an example of a perfectly coded content box or something? Help of any kind is appreciated.
  3. MtReload

    Mambo question

    I have a question and I did look at all the pages in this forum first and did a search before I decided to post this. Yeah, another ad question. How exactly do you put ads in Mambo? I tried looking doing a Google and figuring it out myself but it didn't really help much. I know there's a...
  4. MtReload


    Well hey! I'm Amy, 16, and from Bellingham, Washington. Well uh, I'm here to hopefully get a hosting account so I can get a graphics site up and running. I LOVE Metallica and Kirk Hammett in particular. Feel free to PM me if you're into them to or something, I don't care. Amy