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    Refusal to disclose details of suspension

    I have read many comments and reviews about your free hosting over the Internet. I was surprised to read many many negative reviews. Surprised over the fact that one of the largest free hosts is in such a bad light, I decided to go through your forums. I came across this thread. The following...
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    HRU Suspensions

    After going through the support forums (and user reviews all over Internet) it appears that High Resource Usage suspensions are the order of the day. I noticed that taking a backup of a decent sized wordpress blog is impossible without getting suspended. I wonder what is the use of unmetered...
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    Last activity date in user profile

    Please see this post by charlie66 and reply by techairlines. User profile of charlie66 indeed shows last activity date as 13 April 2011. If it is right how he has posted today - 01 Sep 2011?
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    Disk space and Softaculous

    1. In the free hosting signup page it is stated that disk space and bandwidth are unmetered. in cPanel disk quota says 500mb. What is the current position? 2. There is a mention about Sofaculous script installer. I could not find any link to it in the cPanel. I am in lotus.
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    Is it necessary to use your name servers?

    I want to use name servers of my choice (provided by my registrar or the one like with my registered domain name. I could not find any information regarding dns entries required. A search for 'DNS' did not yield any result. Search for 'name server' gave thousands of results for the...