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    Searching for Validity of Suspension reason

    Hi - My account got suspended again this month with reason High Resource utilization. Bandwidth charts do not show that there is high utlization - in fact there is very less utilization. I had similar problem last year. Please see thread...
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    Suspension - Search for validity of reason

    I am finding that off late my hosting account (sunita) get suspended for High resource usage. I have checked logs and all other details and do not find any high utilization so not sure what is happening. I sincerly believe that there are no high usage in my account. Can I request you to...
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    Database problem and unable to logon to cpanel

    Forum ID: satbir cpanel id: sunita domain: I am getting "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL" when I am going to my domain Also I am unable to logon to my cpanel. I remember my password. I also tried to reset my...
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    More than one hosting account

    I understand (correct if I am wrong) presently x10hosting allows only one hosting account per household. This restrict to have more than one hosting account for different people in family. Also for one person, there are many cases that we would like to have more than one website. It will be...
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    Site going down intermediately

    For full day today my site is going down intermediately. I keep getting Network Error (tcp_error) at time and after some time it is available. Looking at thread opened looks like it is happening to many people. We understand it is free host as also technical problems are bound to happen, but...
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    Drupal Help

    I have create a contemplate which shows cck fields in table format. When I see the content alone, I see the same correctly in table format ( But when I see the same in Homepage, table disappear and I see it in unformatted view...
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    Cannot login to hosting account

    I am trying to login to my hosting account ( however I continuously getting The username specified does not exist. I am pretty sure about my account name & password and am able to login to cpanel with same. I did a password reset but that resetted my forum...
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    Advertisement - Is it as per T&C

    Can some one from the staff check whether the advertisement on my site is as per the Terms & Conditions. I do not want to get suspended unnecessarily. Site:
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    Drupal Help

    I post regularly information about new IPOs. Format of data is more or less same. Only content changes. Also I want to give consistent look to the data posted. Thus I prefer to use table structure which give more readable view. I want to achieve something like...
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    Need to contact Corey

    @Corey - Need to contact you with reference to last weekly contest. I know you do not like sending PM but not sure how else I can contact you therefore this post. I have waited quite long for your response considering that you must be busy with server problems all these days.
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    Suggestions about Drupal Themes

    I am installing Drupal for my site. Do you have any suggestions about theme. I have tried all core themes which are natively available on the installation but did not like. Have also gone through theme gallery on Drupal/ Themegarden but still not finding anything great. I am looking mostly...
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    Letter to Santa

    Consider yourself a child of 7 years and write a letter to Santa...
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    New Year resolution

    So what is your New Year resolution this time? What are average number of days that you break it away?
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    Let's make a wierd story!!!

    Sometime when we see some movie, we say is there any one story in this movie. Is this story related or binding together and then we feel that looks like the story of movie is not at all one person's story, it looks more like a different things just jumbled up. So why not let us write a...
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    Which is best position to place ads on the site?

    There is always debate where to place ads so that more people see that and use it. Also it is not obstructive also.
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    In which continent you reside?

    Let us how is x10hosting forum users are spread. So in which continent you stay?
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    One day for you

    If you are given one day to enjoy, what you will do?
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    Take advantage of being on growing site

    Summary (for those who do not have time to read full) Available adspace on my blog under left sidebar blogroll. 5 top bidder get there. Purpose: I am selling adspaces on blog section ( of our site Brief about site...
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    Free web hosting site Joolo - Vanished

    Looks like free web hosting site vanished like many other free web hosting site. That's why I like x10hosting which is there for so long with such a quality services.
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    Joomla Template

    Which Joomla template you like? Is is it free or paid?