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    can't login after theme change

    I just logged-in and the "new" paper_lantern theme appeared. I wanted to see what the other themes look like. I select "basic" and it said error: An Error Was Encountered The Encrypt library requires the Mcrypt extension. Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel. And I can no...
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    Unsuspend not working

    "...We're removing the suspension now. Please standby and reload the page in 1 minute." Been like this for ages. I was working (uploading and editing files) on it yesterday. This has happened in the past and I was able to reuse it straight away. Why not now? ---- Username: yumax10h Your Domain:
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    Script requires PHP module "openssl"

    I have a script that requires the PHP module "openssl". Basically it encrypts data to be POSTed. It work on my other host's server fine, but not here. So shared hosting is not the issue. The application includes it own openssl.cnf, PHP class and JS files. How do I make use of openssl?
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    Account created email has bad link for getting started

    The link for getting started should be: instead of