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    MySQL thingy on MyBB.. not working?

    MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. SQL Error: 1105 - #07000(proxy) all backends are down Query: [READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server Please contact the MyBB Group for support. What should I do to fix it? ---------- Post added at 10:09 PM ----------...
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    How secure is my password?

    Hello again, I'd like to suggest a website for you. To test how secure your password actually is. Easy or hard to hack? How many days/years would it take to hack it? THIS WEBSITE DO NOT STORE/STEAL YOUR PASSWORD(S). This website runs a "javascript(??)" that checks how long time it'd take a...
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    Down for everyone or just me?

    Hello, I'd like to tell you about a great site that checks if the site you wrote in the textbox is down for everyone or just you. It's a great website, check it out! :D Click here: >> <<
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    default web site page.......

    OK, my forum on my website is working fine but I can't enter my "index" site. redirects to Why..? My forum is working fine but not the index?
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    Failed domain name changed.

    So yes, I was domain changing and it says it is finished. Later on I tried to reach my page, it did work yes, but when I installed a forum on my website I couldn't reach it. This page text appears, when I enter my domain (; And when I try to reach my forum...