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    Having a problem with Forum Software...

    And I'm sure it's the server, because this has happened with SMF, AEF, MyBB and others... When people try to register or log-in, they get a white page... Any particular reason for this?
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    Configuring Apache to run Javascript files...

    Is there any way I can add a handler to make Apache recognize .jsp files like it would a .php file and run them? I'm kind of new to Apache. Thanks. -Kyle
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    Lost cPanel password

    Hello, I recently changed my password to my cPanel, and I can't seem to find the notepad file on my compute in which I saved it... >_>; Is there any way this can be reset? Thanks. Edit: Nevermind, it appears I have found it. Edit: ...Or not.
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    Someone's hacking me.

    They have access to my MySQL databases, and I'm not sure why. Can an Admin look into this? Edit: And they got my password somehow.
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    Hey, a script I'm running needs multiviews enabled, but I can't find where to enable it... Can someone help?
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    Just a question...

    Are we allowed to have websites based on homebrew? Like, without linking to ROMs?
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    Cossacks down? ...Why is it not working? Is the server down? My cPanel is offline as well. Edit: Apache HTTP Offline MySQL Offline Exim Offline cPanel Offline FTP Offline DNS Offline Umm... Yeah. <_<
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    A problem...

    Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may...
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    What the heck? ...What is THAT? O_o... Good thing I had scheduled downtime to install a MOD. >_>
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    Unsuspension request.

    Cpanel username: ncarfan9 domain/subdomain: Account age: 1 month or so. Reason: No index on website I'm not sure what you mean... Am I supposed to edit the index.html page to have a homepage on it? I really need this unsuspended. I'm working on a site...
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    JForum Problems...

    Hi, I get this when trying to install: <jsp:forward page="install/"/> It says to register the files with an Apache handler, but I have no clue what to put in for the handler... Any ideas on what to do? Edit: No ideas?
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    SMF isn't working.

    AHA! I missed the sticky... Sorry.