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    unfair suspension

    I'm receiving a notice that tells me my site has been suspended due to adult material found on the site. That does not make any sense; I've had this site for over a year and this is the first time I have received a notice like that of any kind, and furthermore, I do *not* have any content on my...
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    site does not exist...? HELP!

    Hi, My account was suspended for several weeks, and I just submitted an unsuspension request, but now whenever I type in the URL for my site, I receive a message stating that the "specified site does not exist." Aaaah! How can I get my site back? Could it be gone for good? Help! D:
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    can't log into wordpress!

    Hello all, I recently switched the theme with which I was working from default to classic. I edited some of the php/css in the template, and I kept getting funny messages when I did it. Now, all of a sudden, every time I try to log in, it gives me messages not unlike the ones that I kept...
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    PHP guestbook issues

    I am working with a guestbook script (ardguest) and I want each message to appear in an individual table, but they all appear together in one table. To see what I am talking about, you can view the gbook here: I'm kind of a n00b to PHP and so far I have...
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    guestbook cgi script

    Hello all, I'm trying to install a guestbook script that I found on this page: I customized the "$guestbookreal" and "$return" values, and I uploaded the whole thing on CPanel (I'm assuming everything on CPanel is automatically...
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    suspended for "inactivity"?

    Hello, I just received a notification that my account was suspended, ostensibly on the grounds that I have not logged into the forums or updated the content on my site for over two weeks. My question is: how is this so? I logged into the forums just yesterday, and I've been uploading/editing...
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    uploading in ASCII mode

    How do you upload in ASCII mode as opposed to binary mode?
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    using cgi and perl to create guestbook

    Hello, I am trying to create a guestbook in my cgi-bin folder. However, I have been conducting some research, and I've discovered that in order to do that, I would also need to use perl--and hence know the path to my perl interpreter. How do I find the path? Does x10hosting allow its hostees...