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  1. unknwon5

    The rewards (Domains)

    If I reached 10,000 forum cash on forums. I decided to get a domain from the rewards; located: I been wondering, does the domain get set up on x10hosting, or on godaddy, namecheap, etc. Because I would like to have access to the domain I get by DNS...
  2. unknwon5

    Selling Promotion-Motion

    I am willing to sell the site (Not the domain) I will leave the domain on the set dns so the site will be up. I will give the user all ftp access, and my cPanel account. You can bid at starting forum cash: 500 I worked very hard on the site, cuz its run by phpbb3...
  3. unknwon5


    Well, instead of backing up my old site, I decided to make a new site off my .info domain and leave my vbulletin forums on my paid hosting plans. :biggrin: Site Url:
  4. unknwon5

    Username change request

    I would like my username on forums & hosting to be changed, I accidently was in a hurry and mispelled them. :nuts: Username: Unknown5 on both forums & host, thanks.
  5. unknwon5

    How many domains do you own?

    I own 2 domains. ;) and What domain do you guys own?
  6. unknwon5

    Converting Help

    I am going to convert my vbulletin forums into phpbb3, because of these reasons. 1. vbulletin eats up my bandwidth. 2. slowing down the site. 3. arcade problems. I have alot of experince with phpbb3, but just need help converting. I seen how to on, but I would like support into...
  7. unknwon5

    Hello, new guy!

    Hello, I am the new guy here! :cool: I hope I get to know everyone here, also get some good hosting.