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    getting domain name not used message

    hey i am getting this message when i open the site Please help the message is : Welcome to x10Hosting! This account has just been created. You are able to modify your account at this time. You should have received a welcome email providing information on how to...
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    My Hosting Account Got Suspended

    My Hosting Account Got Suspended... I dont know why, while i uploded some modules and was enabling them. i cant login to cpanel too in order to fix or delete that. Please Help.
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    Can't Install SQL database for drupal. showing error/

    i am installing drupal 6.20 but the sql database is creating problems. i cant use a database command on sql database in order to make drupal work. Sql is not permitting user to access the database. the command is GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER ON databasename.*...