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  1. csc2ya

    Problems with x12?

    Is anyone aware of any issues with x12? I went to check my email earlier, and found that my vps didn't appear to be responding. SSH conections were also failing. I've tried rebooting it via solusvm, and although it said complete, it was still showing as offline, and with memory usage reading...
  2. csc2ya

    Is fantastico supposed to work on the vps servers?

    I've had fantastico installed on my cpanel vps for a while (i installed it while i was playing around, it just happened to work), and it worked fine up until today when it started saying it's no longer licenced for my main ip. From what i've seen on netenberg's site, singlehop (who i am aware...
  3. csc2ya

    Please mark my account for deletion

    no longer required as i'm on a vps now cPanel username: csc2ya (X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is...
  4. csc2ya

    Solusvm console no longer working

    Solusvm console no longer working (Resolved) Since about 2 days ago, the console for my vps has stopped allowing connections. I recieved a message saying that the ssh key had changed, and now it fails on password authentication, even after resetting the console password in Solusvm. I've...
  5. csc2ya

    Cannot post in certain forums

    I've just noticed that I don't appear to be able to start new posts in the following sections: feedback and suggestions introductions When I try, I just get the following error: csc2ya, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user...
  6. csc2ya

    Cannot log in to my site admin after editing .htaccess via the ip deny manager

    I keep getting spam posted on my site by the same ip every time. Fortunately my site shows the ip against submission in the administration area, so i'm able to ban the ip's. I do this by adding the ip's (or ranges if there are a lot of ip's in the same ranges) to the ip deny manager in...
  7. csc2ya

    stoli internal server error

    Firstly, i've seen the status announcement about the mysql errors with stoli, and that they should now be fixed....however...i'm having problems with my wordpress mu installation. As soon as I click on site admin after logging in, I get: Internal Server Error The server encountered...
  8. csc2ya

    Account change to new adfree

    Please could I have my account changed to the new adfree plan. Thanks in advance.
  9. csc2ya

    Domain Modification

    I recently changed my domain, but then decided to change it back to what it was before. However, it was changed to an domain, whereas I selected to change it to a domain, the same as it was prior to the original change. In addition, when I untick 'use an x10hosting subdomain'...
  10. csc2ya

    Request for unban on irc

    My bouncer ip just got banned from the irc server for a so called 'open proxy'. There is no open proxy, but it appears services did not like port 8000 being open on the router my friends server is on. I have now changed the bnc to listen on a different port, and closed port 8000 on his router...
  11. csc2ya


    I've just read the updates/upgrades etc post that Corey made in the announcements section, and since he did say not to post feedback to that post in there, i'm doing it here instead. *Warning: This post is quite long. I hope that poeple (especially Corey), will take the time to read it though*...
  12. csc2ya

    cpanel not loading, cannot log in via ftp, internal server error

    I am currently getting all of the above problems. I would normally just log in via ftp and rename a couple of files to take my site offline until the problems are fixed, but i cannot log in via ftp (says my password is incorrect, although I know it isn't). I also cannot access cpanel on stoli...
  13. csc2ya seems to have a problem

    I'm unsure whether i'm posting this in the right place, so move it if it's in the wrong place please. I got an address a few days ago. It seems to work fine for sending e-mail, but I cannot receive any e-mail at all. i've tried sending from my own personal domain, my
  14. csc2ya

    I'm confused regarding the server move and downtime

    Firstly, i've read the announcement about the changes. However, that post states that there should be no downtime. My site brings up the standard firefox 'cannot be found' error page, i've tried pinging my domain, and it now appears to be on a different ip (my domain is on x10's nameservers, so...
  15. csc2ya

    How long til rewards are given?

    I was wondering how long it generally takes for rewards to be given when they are requested. I noticed I had enough credits for an e-mail address the other day, and so i've requested one through the rewards section of the forum (i'm not 100% sure when, but I believe it was on...
  16. csc2ya

    Support ticket being completely ignored...I do not feel this is acceptable.

    If x10 wants to keep customers, then maybe they should stop ignoring support tickets. I do not feel it is acceptable to ignore a support ticket for over a week. If any other host did that, they would be losing customers right, left, and center. I've seen it happen, unfortunately with one that I...
  17. csc2ya

    Ticket open for a week response from support at all

    I'm getting a little concerned. I've had a ticket open for about a week to get a backup issue fixed with my account. The last response in the ticket was me before it was escalated. I was told in another forum thread that the problem would be looked into 'shortly'. This was also about a week...
  18. csc2ya

    support ticket sitting unanswered for two days now.

    I've currently got a support ticket open regarding a problem with backups for my account, but I haven't even had a reply since the support request was escalated to a ticket two days ago. I don't mean to sound pushy or rude, but is anyone able to give me a timeframe of when it will be looked at...
  19. csc2ya

    backup query

    I've just gone to view the backups of my site, just as peace of mind that they are as up to date as they could be, and the newest one listed is the 1st of october 2009, and it says it's not finished. For obvious reasons, this is a concern to me, as i've made major changes to my site since then...
  20. csc2ya

    Fantastico broken on stoli?

    Does anyone know what's up with fantastico on stoli? I need to remove a script using it, so that I can install php-nuke, but I'm getting an error since about 2 days ago: Not Found The server was not able to find the document (./frontend/x3/fantastico/index.php) you requested. Please check the...