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  1. Palmer640

    Does x10hosting not host dynamic content/PHP anymore?

    Any time I try to install a script or use some PHP it just doesn't work. If I upload it I just get a constant 500 error. I have tried the instructions on the wiki but it doesn't help at all. I have made sure all permissions are correct (I'm using the script installer now so they were all correct...
  2. Palmer640

    HTTP Error 500 - Phpsocial

    Apparently not. I guess these are just not being seen or are being ignored. That's unfortunate.
  3. Palmer640

    HTTP Error 500 - Phpsocial

    I'm getting this with any script or PHP. My thread was never addressed either. Very inconvenient. I, too, could not get it fixed.
  4. Palmer640

    Consistent HTTP Error 500

    BUMP Still having this issue today...
  5. Palmer640

    Consistent HTTP Error 500

    I am trying to change my website. I had pagekit, everything worked fine. Now I uninstalled it. I check and it typically shows a standard view of folders, like normal... However, when I put anything on there, it will not read the install or index php. I just get a 500 error. A standard HTML...
  6. Palmer640

    Would I use x10 nameservers with cloudflare? or just cloudflare name servers?

    Here's what I'm looking at. I was told to use cloudflare name servers. However, I'm wondering, would I use both x10's and cloudflare's? Or do I remove x10's nameservers from the list entirely and just use cloudflare's nameservers? Like the following: I waited more than 48 hours and still...
  7. Palmer640

    Who killed x10 forums?

    That has to be it. I know when I first signed up for x10hosting when I logged in I didn't just log in and exit. I logged in, noticed some interesting topics and posted. I didn't realize it wasn't a requirement anymore. I haven't logged in lately and was wondering why I didn't get the email...
  8. Palmer640

    Python on x10?

    I'm not really familiar with Python so I was playing around with it. I wanted to try it on the web a little and came across When attempting a .py or .cgi both give me a 403 error. Are we disabled from using Python on...
  9. Palmer640

    "Unable to add the domain name..." DNS error?

    Yes, the x10hosting Basic panel is what I was using. It definitely seems like a bug because my domains linked like normal from cPanel. Probably should have tried that before opening a topic for this. Whoops. On the other hand, now you guys know of the bug (if you hadn't already). :D
  10. Palmer640

    "Unable to add the domain name..." DNS error?

    Oh, I should point out that I just switched to cPanel and added it under Addon Domains instead of the x10hosting panel and it worked without any problems. Perhaps there is something wrong with the x10hosting panel?
  11. Palmer640

    "Unable to add the domain name..." DNS error?

    Oh. It's I intended it to be temporary, but it's not even working. I have tried other ones and I get the same thing.
  12. Palmer640

    How Did you find x10 Hosting

    Well I was doing for some searching for a free host. I came across some site that listed free sites and listed their best qualities and whether it was an ad supported host, etc. x10hosting kind of stuck out since it seemed to have the best features (unlimited and no ads were the highlights, of...
  13. Palmer640

    "Unable to add the domain name..." DNS error?

    What do you mean? What about it?
  14. Palmer640

    "Unable to add the domain name..." DNS error?

    I am getting this error: I know what it means. I first registered the domain on to avoid domain costs, of course. I set up the nameservers (ns1 and, I then go to x10 control panel and attempt to add the domain. I type in the address (I'm 110% sure it's correct...
  15. Palmer640

    Making an OS Interface... What do you guys think?

    I was just looking for a new shell to replace old Windows XP. Normally I use Linux, just got a different computer with XP and didn't want to remove it because of games- but I can't stand this Fisher Price interface XP has. It's so counter-productive to me. You say this doesn't actually replace...
  16. Palmer640

    Can't access cPanel, but my site is still up

    I'm on the Level server. I log in, try to open the cPanel, like usual, but it times out. I tried the usual, such as clearing history, cache and cookies, nothing helped. Even tried a different browser just in case I missed something, it still times out. I also read THIS thread. Does it maybe have...
  17. Palmer640

    What is your job?

    Now unemployed, going to school. It's pretty rough around where I am for work so I'm probably moving to a new state. :/
  18. Palmer640

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    I used to like Google Chrome but it's becoming too bloated. Too many background apps, custom version of Flash, Java, etc. built in... It just bothers me, especially because I have an older computer. I made a switch to Chromium which is a little better on resources (since it doesn't have a bunch...
  19. Palmer640

    Why i shall be telling everyone NOT to use x10hosting

    This should be common sense. Of course they would rather you use their paid-for service and give premium users the benefits. Don't complain about something that's free.
  20. Palmer640

    X10Gaming - is it abandoned?

    I'm not sure about the overall question aside from what was already said, but I'm curious... Why would your mom know or care that you had a Minecraft server running? The only reason I could think of would be if you guys had limited bandwidth.