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  1. serasan48

    I can't connect to the home page.

    While try to connect to my home page (www himalfarm com), I get redirected to the following page: http://www himalfarm com/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi (folder and file aren't present on my website) If I try to connect to any other url of the website, everything work just fine. Tried to connect...
  2. serasan48

    Still unreachable

    Hi! Following the latest update ( ), I noticed that my website is still unreachable. Cpanel and ftp, seem to be work fine. Thanks in advance for your support
  3. serasan48

    Account has not been created yet.

    I completed the signup 10 hours ago, but the account has not been created yet. It is in queue or there is some problem? My account id is: TOP43118611 Many Thanks in advance.