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  1. wodongax

    VPN or TOR Detection - due to ISP GNAT

    Most likely this will fall on deaf ears. . But for those users that are affected with their ISP migrating to GNAP due to IP4 numbers being used up, you'll most likely get the Error Message the "system" has detected you are behind a VPN or TOR network and it's not allowed. Workaround? Short of...
  2. wodongax

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Hi, I can't access my test site on x10, but ok to log into cPanel. Server Name xo2 Error message: Error 503 Backend fetch failed Thanks....
  3. wodongax

    [ERROR] Can not open directory for URI: /presta5/install/!

    Hi, I'm trying to manually install PrestaShop v1.5.6.2 since Softaculious (Quick install service in cPanel) only have version and a very old version. I've used Softaculious to install PrestaShop, and it worked fine... Can someone please check to see why manually...
  4. wodongax

    PayPalL Donation for Free x10 Hosting?

    I was looking around the forum and noticed some of the Happy x10 free users. They are saying how good x10 free hosting is and I do agree. For the price, the services is amazing. So my idea is : If x10 had a PayPal donation button in the free user portal, it would encourage the user to donate a...
  5. wodongax

    Weather Station website (new)

    Hi All, I just uploaded my website on x10 (free host) and so far its running great. I have a weather station FTP'ing up every 5 minutes for the weather data. Will soon add a weather camera but funds are tight. DIY, Questions, and Suggestions welcome. :wink: