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    Review my blog -

    The template is nice, and the slogan "A minimalists blog" is very effective. The community bar at the bottom is neat as well. Only minor grip I have is that there seem to be too many videos for me. If I visit a site with that many videos on the home page, I automatically think "no, I'm not here...
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    How to find the exact PHP template needed?

    Smarty is good, but not very portable. Personally I use the Symfony framework. The templating engine provided is suitable for my needs, and because it uses normal PHP tags, it's also fairly portable to other frameworks if necessary.
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    A new money-making website!

    It does look interesting - but as ntsite said, you need to provide a non-referral link in addition to your link with referral: One point to note: no money-making site will work without time and/or money being put into it. The promise of high search engine rankings and huge profits...
  4. phoenixreviews

    look at my web site

    Looks good overall, nice design and layout. I personally found the grey-on-black body text slightly difficult to read - perhaps increasing this to a lighter shade of grey would help? Or even a larger font, heavier typeface - just something to increase the contrast.
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    Free WordPress Theme By Mido_1989

    Thanks, I've been looking for a good Wordpress theme for my personal site, and Strica looks like it will fit my needs perfectly! Cheers, David
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    PDO Connection Error

    Well, for the moment I seem to have found a workaround. I'm running the Symfony framework, and changed my databases.yml DSN to read as follows (new section in bold): When I remove the unix_socket section, it just shows 500 internal server error again. I'm not sure why adding that section...
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    PDO Connection Error

    My site has recently stopped working, due to database connection errors. I haven't update any code on the site, but now PHP is showing me the following error: This is repeated every time I try to visit a page which requires database access. I can access the database fine with phpMyAdmin, and...
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    Neobux - Real-life experience making money

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share my experiences with Neobux, a relatively well-known PTC network. I signed up a little over a month ago, and purchased a pack of 20 referrals (paid $5 by paypal). As you can see from the banner below, I've earned over $5 in one month from the 20 referral pack -...
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    Yeah Star Wordpress Theme

    Looks nice, very professional and the background image works well. Loaded pretty quickly on my (quite average) internet connection. I might look at using this for my upcoming blog. Thanks!
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    Pls Review My site and give suggessions

    You might want to make it more clear what the site is about. Perhaps instead of "welcomes you all" you could put a brief description of your site. Also, you'll want to check your English with someone who speaks it natively. Some sentences are hard to understand.
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get a pot of gold ...... but it's just out of reach! I insert the VMWare kernel module.
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    Suspend or Hibernate?

    I generally suspend, unless I won't be using the computer for more than a few days. Not too concerned about the power (things like your Fridge use more power overall). The fast resume time is fantastic, basically means I can walk up, open the laptop lid and by the time I sit down it's ready to...
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    Domain for my new website

    If it's just for India, out of your list I'd suggest But for Google, and promotional purposes is a lot cleaner and more professional sounding. Just depends on how you're likely to be promoting the site in the future. Personally I'd choose
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    Would this be classified as host reselling??????

    If you're charging your friends to setup a site for them, I would call it host reselling. However, it's a different matter if you've basically volunteered a page or two for them, and they are "donating" some funds to help you pay for the hosting. I'd think the latter is OK, but you should check...
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    Christmas Time in 4 months..... what's on your list to things you want?

    Better internet, a HTC Desire, and one of those equalizer t-shirts. :)
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    Help with my Game

    I tried to load the game but it wouldn't even start to load with Chrome on Linux. In fact, it locked the whole tab, which is something I haven't seen other Java/Flash games do. Just thought I'd let you know! ;)
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    is there someone who uses openshot here?

    I have had a little experience with Openshot, but I'm currently using another Linux program called Kdenlive for video editing. The latest version has a lot more effects, and has a really nice interface. It's also under active development, so new features are being added all the time. I'd...
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    Logo Design

    Looks great, I like the colours. Only suggestion - perhaps you could add a little more bevel or gradient to the green word "STOCKS". At the moment it looks just a tad like the words from clip art, which is a little un-professional. Probably adding a drop shadow like forexzone would also improve...
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    Landing page or no landing page? & Review Layout

    I would definitely get rid of the landing page, but essellar's suggestion for incorporating it into the site seems reasonable. The image works really well, and since it is a magazine it could work to use that as the header for the whole site, and have most of the content "below the fold"...
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    MySQLdb not available for Python???

    You could try downloading the MySQL module from and including the file(s) manually.