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  1. soulpurge

    XP/Vista icon pack

    I made this quite awhile ago and just found it while cleaning up files. Each icon has Vista support for PNG and 256x256px size. The Vista icons look good on ObjectDock too. Left 4 Dead Half-Life 2 X-fire 7zip WhatPulse File type: .7z/.ico Size: 1.9mb Download I hope someone can make these...
  2. soulpurge

    Burning Phoenix sig

    I wasn't too happy with my previous sig. I decided to use the same theme from my site. What do you think? This was my previous sig. I made this one in the early morning. It's not really that fantastic. The yeti is cute though.
  3. soulpurge

    Problem with my site

    You are required to log-in to the forum at least once every two weeks. You aren't required to post, just log-in. It's part of x10's policy. If you goto your account panel (as shown above) then you can request to have your site unsuspended. Normally it's a very quick process. Just make sure you...
  4. soulpurge

    Do you believe in God?

    Oh my an intelligent thread about beliefs in Gods and religion. I didn't read through all of the pages simply because I'm tired and theres 11 pages to date. Personally, I believe in Gaia. Mother Earth. The planet we all walk on daily. I believe in reincarnation. That when one dies, they travel...
  5. soulpurge


    Hey, what's up? My name is Celestine. I've had a previous site on x10 under AFinalDate but with the years going by I decided to kill it off and start something new. I'm a music producer. I also do graphics and web design. Scripting, programming, etc. I'm 22 and I live in Indiana. I'm here to...