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    Website Still not going

    Hi there guys Apparently my Site was pointing to a different server and was moved to admin four days ago. Any updates as to when the problem will be fixed? Regards Wolflock
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    Hi Guys. I have been logging in Regularly. And Have my Site on with you guys for a Few Months now. And No one seems to be able to login at the Moment. Is there a problem with the Server or something? I believe it is on the Stoli System or such. Regards Wolflock
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    Magician Site

    Hi guys and gals I know that there is a heck load of sites that everyone wants opinions on and this is just another. But I would like to get some views and advice on my site. Remember that I am just a beginner with creating a site. Give me magic and I can make the impossible happen, but...
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    Removing Issues

    Hi all. I am still busy with creating my website using Reptile on here. The template I am using has a news section in a side box. How am I able to edit or remove it? Your help would be much appreciated. Regards Wolflock
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    One Year inactive timer

    The one Year inactive timer. Are you able to purchase multiple ones so as to get 2 or 3 Years, etc. of not needing to post? Not that I would not come on here and post, but being an entertainer, I dont necessarily know where I will be next week and whether I will have Net access or not. So just...
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    X10 Hosting TOPS!!!!

    Thank you to all who are on the X10hosting team. I have been hunting around for a webhost that is free and ad free for my site. I have purchased a domain but due to foreign exchange rates find it very expensive to pay for hosting as well. My hunt so far has been almost endless! Either there are...
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    Creating a web page

    I do apologise if this has been asked and answered, I dont seem to see much about it anywhere. But are there any Web wizards or such on this site to help with creating a web page? I have not found anything in my panel and am really Stupid when it comes to creating web pages. I am a magician in...
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    Battlefield Heroes

    EA games now has a free online game out. Not sure if this has been posted here, but thought you guys might like to check it out. Regards Wolflock
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    Hi all. Wolflock here. Teacher in Thailand too and a Professional Magician and Escapologist. New to X10 and hope to be able to post help here if I can. :) Regards Wolflock