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  1. mr kennedy

    Account Management Panel problem

    Hello. I haven't opened my account in some time and I forgot my password so I had a reset. If I recall correctly, forum accounts are linked into cPanel accounts and forum login details are the ones to be used at AMP but it wouldn't let me login saying that it doesn't recognize my email address...
  2. mr kennedy

    IP's through the firewall

    Hello. Could you please allow these IP addresses through the firewall for my WordPress plugin? and Thanks alot!
  3. mr kennedy

    What are your Laptop's Specs?

    Do you use a laptop, notebook, or a netbook? Post your specs here and even some pics if you want to :D I'll start ;) Model: HP Pavilion dv6-1210ee Artist Edition 2 How old?: <1 Month at time of posting Size: 16.0" with a Max Resolution of 1366 by 768 Processor: AMD Turion x2 Ultra Dual...
  4. mr kennedy

    Wazei! I'm back :D

    Kennedy's back on board.... I see lots has changed since I last logged in... Anyway, I'm looking forward to being back and active on here again :D
  5. mr kennedy

    I Hail from Green Bay, WI, Mr Kennnnneddyyyyyy

    Kennedyyyyy! ----- Well no, I'm not really from the US. I just created this thread to say hello again! Haven't been able to give x10 a visit in 1 1/2 Months so I decided to do it now and finally, the forums doesn't load so slow now :) Kudos to the staff! So.. who missed me? :D
  6. mr kennedy

    Do you download torrents?

    Do you download torrents? Oh come on, we all know you do so don't lie:p
  7. mr kennedy

    The "What's your Real First Name" Thread

    Well since we have the "Post a picture of yourself" thread, I'd figured that I'd start this thread... It's real simple, just post your first name or nickname.. Do not include your last name! This is for privacy purposes! Remember: I didn't tell you to reveal your last name. I'll start...
  8. mr kennedy

    How do I do this? If you did go to those sites, you'll see that there are Image Rotators and the images have different links... I've viewed the source and all butI still wasn't able to snag thar code Can anyone help me with this code?
  9. mr kennedy

    Suggestions I have...

    Well here are my suggestions list, my first ever actually... 1)The creation of the x10 Moderators (Just for the forums) -General mods that are lower than Account Managers. Members of this usergroup can help move around threads and posts or provide basic support but do not have power over...
  10. mr kennedy

    Webmail Login Script v.1.00(By Passing the Popup Prompt)

    Script Name: Webmail Login Script Author: dgenx210 (x10's mr kennedy) Script Language: PHP Script Dependencies: Webmail Installation Time: <5 Minutes Installation Difficulty: EASY! Code 1: Here's the code for the login form. you could copy and paste this to (anyfilename).php, edit one line and...
  11. mr kennedy

    vB 3.7 Beta 2 Testing talk

    anybody tested it yet? I'm still downloading a copy of my forums to my PC and test it locally to see what probs will come up...
  12. mr kennedy

    MySQL Problems on Stoli? Follow this tutorial!

    Hey what's up guys? I had some free time today and I just created this tutorial for all the people that are on the stoli server. WARNING! HUGE RESOLUTION: 1280x1800! Tutorial for popular scripts: BIG Thanks to misioooo for this...
  13. mr kennedy

    Concerned about Suspended Page being blocked

    Dear guys, I have recently been suspended over and over before the server move and I'm just concerned about x10's Suspended page being blocked by my ISP, Qtel. they show up a banner like so: I see nothing prohibited about the suspended page. Could a staff in...
  14. mr kennedy

    Personal Ads question

    Well I got a question about this adcode. I know it's not required for me but if I put it on my site, will i earn credits or something? Thanks for people who will be answering ;)
  15. mr kennedy

    OpenAds Question

    I want to run openAds server on my box and i just want to ask if OpenAds gives a high server load. I don't want to be suspended or cause other members slowness ;) Advanced thanks for the answers ;)
  16. mr kennedy


    Well in the wrestling world, the sexy beast Y2J has come to save us from Randy Orton. I would just like to say that x10 is the equivalent of Y2J in the Free Hosting world. and another thing, the code for x10 is: Save_us.x10 (lol) Thank You x10! I've never been happier to find a host like x10...
  17. mr kennedy

    Oh my lord! Server Kill on x10.Stoli

    [img=] those numbers, OMG! Is someone taking too much advantage on Stoli or is it just the staff doing something? Please guys, People on adE need answers. Edit: as i was refreshing the account panel, HTTP was down and i guess...
  18. mr kennedy

    Need a vB Tech?

    Need a vB Tech? Here I am, I have the time! Services: Installation of a *legal* vBulletin. Installation of hacks and mods onto vBulletin. Mid-December Special Service: vBulletin Migration Prices: vB installation: 250¢ Hacks/mods: prices start at 50¢ If you are looking to hire...
  19. mr kennedy

    Best Counter-Strike Ever?

    Hey i'm a big fan of CS and been faithful since 1.2 and I think this topic is worth debating with :). you have the 1.x Series on the polls as well as Condition Zero and the Source version. you can make multiple choices ofcourse. I currently have Source and 1.6(NonSteam) installed on mine but...
  20. mr kennedy

    Hey Corey man!

    Hey Corey, I just wanted to ask about how do you send cool HTML emails to us in the free hosting people? Are you using a hack withing vBulletin? If so, would you mind telling me the name of it? And what Hack or Code do you use for the Marquee announcements? Thanks Man!