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  1. ezsite

    server status 99uptime????

    i dont your server status checker is working properly like rite now my website is down it saying not found, and it says cossacks all of cossacks services are online. this is not 99 percent uptime like u promised
  2. ezsite

    php disables?

    i am asking y is php on my acount disabled? i cant show my visitors their IP addresess?
  3. ezsite

    sustianed server

    i know that my website is on the sustained server but when i look up the the ip it says the free servers id. is my site on the sustaines server???
  4. ezsite

    Help With Game Manager

    hey can you guys help me, i am trying to find a game manger. some sort of software that manages games. I am sick of inserting games manually to my site, i need a software where i just need to add the .swf file and the games are added. can you guys suggest something plz. I would really...
  5. ezsite

    counter not working

    ever since i got the new account on the sustained server, my counter is not working. i am using ritecounter but is not working. its not even recording my own visits.
  6. ezsite

    sustained server

    Yeah i filled the application for the sustained server, how long will it be till i get a response. Is the sustained server more reliable and dedicated.
  7. ezsite

    Can You ppl help make suggestions on this site to help me out. i want to make this site the average homer page. i have worked on this site from scratch for 1 year. and this is wat i got. plz comment on what you think. after its complete i will put it in adwords, and try to make money off...
  8. ezsite

    cpanel 11

    i had cpanel 11 running but i changed it to cpanel 10 but i cant change it back. can u ppl help me plz.
  9. ezsite

    how do i change CNAME settings?

    sup, i was wondering how to change the cname setting.???:cool:
  10. ezsite

    changing MX Records

    yeah sup i was wondering i wanna chanbe my MX recods, but i dont know how , can you poeple help me out.:cool:
  11. ezsite

    !Just bought Domain And need Help! Urgent!

    Yeah Ok so here is the story i just bought a domain and i have no idea how to set it up :dunno: Well i am exited about geting one :lockd: so can you give me instructions on how to set it up???? I have the corperate acount! I used it had a sweet deal 2.95 per year thats...
  12. ezsite

    ?inactivity Limit?

    Yeah i was just wondering wats the inactivity limit for the corporate acount?:dunno:
  13. ezsite

    File Manager, 5 MEGS ???

    Yeah ok this is what the prob is, when i go to cpanel and click on filemaner, i have corperate acount, it says Current available freespace: 2478.86 MB Maximum file size for upload: unlimited MB Required free space after upload: 5 MB (Default 5MB) what does that mean requrie free space afer...
  14. ezsite

    ?Admin Question?

    Yeah, I just been Wondering that :dunno: am i the system admin for my x10hosting acount, becuase it says that only authorized services availible, when i login to cpanel! And i have the corperate acount!
  15. ezsite

    !!!ad Problem!!!

    Hey Everyone, Didnt mean to scare you wit da capital letters, lol, yeah but i just wanted to know :dunno: if you have to put your ads on every webpage of your site of just the homepage??? Other than that i think the corporate hosting is awsome! Oh yeah i also wanted to ask wats the uptime for...
  16. ezsite

    Hey Sup Homies

    Hey I am Syed Sup How is everbody doing, i am from the fws, this site is awesome:thefinger
  17. ezsite

    Hey Wats up

    Hey I am Syed, and i am from FWS and I think this site is awesome!Awesome website design!:cool: