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  1. rbxlmadx

    Help with IP inserting?

    So I want to track IPs, but when I do this: $IP = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; mysql_query("INSERT into `ips` (`ip`, `username`) VALUES('$IP', '$my->username')"); The username shows up right, but the IP shows up as four numbers, like so; 1111 and not an actual IP address; 111.111.11
  2. rbxlmadx

    Error when changing my profile pic

    I can't upload a photo that is 200x200, it says error when prossessing to the server, so uhhm, yeah?
  3. rbxlmadx

    The brain pain is real

    Okay, so for about two days now, I have been creating ONE system to edit a graph url JUST to change the points, funny thing is, I made a whole table, a whole system with TIMES just so after twenty days, it resets the graph from scratch. The graph is for amount of users who join per 20 days. By...
  4. rbxlmadx

    Help with this? It is confusing to me...

    So here we have this script: $result = mysql_query("SELECT Users FROM days WHERE ID = '1'"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_object($result)) { echo "<center>$row->Users</center>"; } $row->Users shows the amount of users which is 0 when I am on my homepage, so that works, but now, I want to insert...
  5. rbxlmadx


    Lets say I have a link: I want that 14 to be fetched from my database, so it would look like this in script: <img src='$fourteen'> Now, it is not a php script, like this: <?php <img src='$fourteen'> ?>...
  6. rbxlmadx

    What do you think of my site?
  7. rbxlmadx

    Someone help me fix this?

    I am trying to create a user chart for my site, I am using Google chart, the url, and I have made a database to edit the url, in this bracket ((((( ))))) in the url, is the numbers I want to edit, using a number from my database. Here is the problem, I am trying to fetch the number from the...
  8. rbxlmadx

    How to do this?

    So let's say I have a link, example: (Not a real Lin, just for example), anyway, you see that twelve at the end? I want that twelve (the numeral) to be the thing I fetch from a table... So it would look like this in script...
  9. rbxlmadx

    Help with an error? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';'

    Page source: Error on line 32. Script: <?php function PageMain() { global $TMPL; global $confUrl; global $confMail; $resultSettings = mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query(getSettings($querySettings))); $time = time()+86400...