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  1. pcinfini

    Ultra Suspended Account

    I received an email notification saying my account was suspended, so I went to login and unsuspend my account but I was redirected to a page that said "HALT" and something about my internet being blocked due to absue! What have I done and how can I fix this? -The Developer
  2. pcinfini

    Server problems...

    I modified a stylesheet on my website called style.css, reloaded my page with Cache Killer to reload my stylesheet, and I continue to get the same stylesheet in my browser. What is going on?
  3. pcinfini


    How long should it be before I can view the subdomain I just created? I am anxious to develop (including debugging) this site and would really like to know how long it should be before I can. (However, I do know that I can save files and stuff.) SteveLikeANinja of PCInfinity
  4. pcinfini


    Hi, I'm SteveLikeANinja of PC Infinity, and in a Java Chat application I build, I need to now connect to a database instead of a separate account server. This is the code I use to connect: static final String JBDC_DRIVER="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"; static final String...
  5. pcinfini

    Help! I need a new domain name!

    I registered a domain, but then had an urgent necessity to change the name. Please help!!! I would like to call it