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  1. Criptex

    best way to make money online

    HI again everybody... I havent post in a long time because of my work, but now with this tough winter, I have to stay home a lot of times because I can't go to my workplace, and I get pay per hour... so I've been losing a lot of money, can somebody tell me a good way to earn money online, I'm...
  2. Criptex

    Crees tu en Dios?

    Hola, a todos, este es mi primer thread en espanol para introducirme con mi propia gente... al igual que mi thread en ingles... esta se llama... Crees tu en Dios? si van a community>crossfire>do you believe in God... podran ver mi post en ingles. Bueno la pregunta es simple, crees tu en...
  3. Criptex

    Do you believe in God?

    Well this is my first thread in this section... so please feel free to comment if you have something to say! This debate is about wheter you believe in God or not... and what you think about Him... and if you don't believe... explain your opinion... feel free to write your thoughts... but...
  4. Criptex

    Hola everybody!

    Hola my friends!! My name Mario... I'm from guatemala, but I'm a resident of Virginia, US. I'm planning on going to college this year and I'm learnig the basic about how to create web pages... I'm also learning some photoshop, so if anyone has links or things like that about photoshop and cool...