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  1. dito7967

    Improve Free Hosting

    Improve Free Hosting & IRC Abuse/Problems Mainly improve the free hosting services a little bit :P My first impression of a hosting service goes with the first package I get. As much as I am promised it is better in every way possible, its my first opinion that counts. And the free hosting...
  2. dito7967

    What is your prefered programming language?

    What programming language do you program with? (Poll attached) Me? I'd rather go with PHP or Perl.
  3. dito7967

    Upgrade my Account to Corporate Package Please.

    Can you please upgrade my account to Corporate package? cPanel Username: delta110 Forum Username: dito7967 (kinda obvious) IRC Username: OvErScOrE or dito7967 Website URL in question: (may change urls to a domain in the near future) I believe I submitted a ticket...
  4. dito7967

    Fantastico on Lotus (and possibly chopin too)

    Although probably close to nobody uses Fantastico now that x10 has Softaculous... You might want to update cPanel if you removed it or you might want to fix that. ;)
  5. dito7967

    Old Forum User linked to new one / merged?

    Can I merge this username with my other username which I created for a hosting account (delta110)? I forgot I still had this account in the signup and now I need to login to two usernames :P
  6. dito7967

    What Happend

    I left x10 for a couple weeks and th whole system changed and now you no longer offer the services I used to love x10 for... Why did you take them out? And why is irc offline right now?
  7. dito7967

    Irc Issue

    I can't connect to IRC... Is it offline?? :lockd: And if so why?
  8. dito7967

    Stoli Problems (VOX?)

    My account on x10 hosting is brand new and I have been here before but deleted my account because of stoli... I was hoping the issues with stoli would be solved by now. In the next week or two I will be uploading my site and advertising on some directory services. I keep seeing the load on...
  9. dito7967

    Marquees With Ads?

    On the Advanced Plan (ad-enhanced) I have put thead on my website. Is it okay if I run it on a scrolling marquee (Users Can still see it) Edit : Thanks Sharky For Helping Me -