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  1. vishal

    Do you remember which game you played first ????

    Do any one remember , which game you played first ? I played Price of Persia .Only that available when i use Win 95
  2. vishal

    Which is best free forum software? PHPBB3,SMF,AEF,XMB,Mybb

    I have used PHPBB and MyBB for around some time . I used a lot of mods to achieve what I wanted and the upgrades were pain every time. But the mods were needed to get all the things I needed as the core doesn't have them. I decided to switch, so I started to read reviews and that was them I...
  3. vishal

    How to make noreply mail id

    I am very eager to know how to make a Most of the companies are using this and in case if we reply to it shows failure or bounces back. Can anyone tell how to get it done with google apps.
  4. vishal

    Cannnot Connect To MYSQL

    When i try to connect to mysql i am getting this eror Database connection failed : Access denied for user 'username'@'' (using password: YES) I dont know from where the password YES came. I tired many things like deleting the user,recreating it etc and even tried with new user ,but of...
  5. vishal

    What Is VMWARE ? pls help

    Can anyone tell what is VMWARE , i have been hearing this for sometime pls post those who have used it
  6. vishal

    Which is best Dreamweaver C4 or Micosoft Expression Web 3

    Users pls post you opinions abt which is ur favourite.Dreamweaver Or Expression Web I use Dreamweaver CS4....!
  7. vishal

    Need help in weblayout design in Photoshop

    Whenever i design a layout and viem it in my browser it loses its alignment Pls anyone post a tutorial for this..
  8. vishal

    Watermark on Uploaded Image Using PHP

    This tutorial shows you how you can add a watermark image over images that are uploaded though a form. The following is a html code as simple as it can be with an image type input and a Submit button: <form name="image" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action=""> <input...
  9. vishal

    Some Useful Internet Tips

    Here are some internet tips which may be usefull to you when you use internet use on-screen keyboard when u want to login in ur online bank accounts to not get hacked by keyloggers. To open -- goto run -->type--> osk enjoy users pls post usefull tips here
  10. vishal

    Need Help In Adding Google Adsense

    Can Any one pls post how to add google adsense and get paid for it...... pls post
  11. vishal

    Which is best free webmail ?

    The great battle beteween the THE FREE WEBMAIL providers GMAILS vs HOTMAIL vs YAHOO vs MYSPACE. Myspace also introduced free webmail for their users. its becoming common these days.But not efficient On my view i will vote for HOTMAIL for its ease of use
  12. vishal

    How to use Microsoft Server 2008 ADS ?

    I wanna how to make my client pcs drive ( C, D,E) hidden using ADS.... Can anyone helppp Edit: Pls help iam in big trouble.......... Edit: Anyone pls reply.....
  13. vishal


    I wanna know how many mail id can i get with 500 credits,whts its validty and if there is any suspension for inactivity.Also the mail box size......
  14. vishal

    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    According to me PHP is easy and powerfull language. Pls vote if u agree
  15. vishal

    Php mysql [track ip address of vistors to ur site]

    First of all create a table in MYSQL.Here the table name is IPADDRESS with 3 fields id(auto_increment) int, ip (varchar (50)) and date(varchar or date) Include this script in ur main index page.
  16. vishal

    I need A record URRGENT

    I own a domain name, there i cant point it to my a/c in using nameservers,,, my DOMAIN admin told to use A record,,, to point it,,, WHAT IS THE IP TO USE........(to point it)