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  1. Jesse


    Anyone here plays Minecraft? Is it a nice game? I am thinking of playing it soon :D
  2. Jesse

    HTML Template integrate to a script

    I'm willing to give out all my x10hosting credits for someone who can integrate this html template I created and coded onto the x10media mp3 script found in my site - I'm also willing to arrange up some additional payments if the job has been done well, like domain or something i...
  3. Jesse

    Text Translate Script using Google

    I need help. This code was working but suddenly stopped one day. The website where script is being used :: Anyone knows how to fix this? This is the contents of translate.php <?php function getstring($a,$b,$c){ $y = explode($b,$a); $x = explode($c,$y[1]); return...
  4. Jesse

    Anyone have seen the movie "Fireproof"?

    Hey guys, anyone here have seen the movie Fireproof? It's so nice! hehehe. So Very Inspirational! Husband's and wife's should watch the movie. :biggrin: Check out my blog post about it here,
  5. Jesse

    Yahoo! Meme - Anyone knows it?

    Anyone here knows about Yahoo! Meme? It's a similar service from Yahoo, it's like twitter. hehe. Read more about Meme, here: You can also get invites there. Just post a comment. ^_^ Thanks.
  6. Jesse

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

    Hey guys i need help. How to fix this? Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in / on line 53 Here is the code on the line 53:<?php foreach ($results as $result) { ?>
  7. Jesse

    Website Design for Credits

    Hello guys, I need some new design for my new site: If you can design one and submit me some screenies of ur concept. Also if you can possible code it into the site I might like it and give you around 5k credits or probably all my credits. ;)
  8. Jesse

    x10 Rewards?

    Are they still claimable? Im planning to claim a 1 year domain registration :D hehe. Where will be the domain registered? Still on eNom? Thanks.
  9. Jesse

    PinoyGFX Philippines Graphic Design Forum

    Hey guys, Just recently i started setting up the forum for my domain Basically my goal is to promote Pinoy Graphic Designers to the world. Not sure, if i will make the forum Exclusive for Filipino, But don't worry non filipino could also Join ;) I have already set upped MinervaSEO...
  10. Jesse

    Jesse Manalansan - behind the World Wide Web

    Guys, please check out my Blog. Tell me what ya think about the theme. hehe. Also Suggestions or Feedbacks would be appreciated. oh by the way, Maybe since you visited it, dont forget to leave a comment on one of the post :P One last thing, maybe if someone could help...
  11. Jesse

    I've just realized that...

    Hey guys, I just realized that the Killing of Seals was active in Canada. I did not know about this since im on Philippines, and i never heard anything about it. But until then my friend posted an article on a social networking site. Anways, i hope the Government Officials would do something to...
  12. Jesse

    Template for a PHP Script

    Hello Guys, I am offering 5k - 10k credits for a design. Basically i need a design for the MP3 Search Engine Script of I will use it for my site, If possible, i wanted the design kinda fitted for the site. Design must be attractive. Thanks. Goodluck.
  13. Jesse

    Tutorial: PHP/MySQL Membership System

    I am going to show you how to make a simple membership system. This included, registering for an account, logging in, security for pages, and logging out. Now shall we begin? I say yes! Our database will be setup like the following: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `users` ( `user_id` int(11) NOT...
  14. Jesse

    To Get And Show The IP via Javascript

    To Get And Show The IP via Javascript To show the IP via JavaScript _______________________________________________ To show IP via ASP request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") ____________________________________ TO SHOW IP VIA PHP <? $remote_address = getenv("REMOTE_ADDR"); echo "Your IP...
  15. Jesse

    All new !

    Hello Guys, I relaunched iMusicz. with all new features and design. Please check it out, Please give reviews, comments, or feedbacks. Thanks. Here's the Link:
  16. Jesse

    All new iMusicz!

    Hey Guys, iMusicz is back up again! with new features... Lyrics Search, Video Search... Ill will look into putting up esnips search addon for it. for more better results. also tell me what you think of the logo (was made by my friend.)
  17. Jesse

    Please Help, Urgently...

    Hello Guys, I need help with my site, i think i have an problem with my php.ini or something.... please check try to register and login, it does not work. it's like the session function is not working. i tried looking on the error log and here is what i got: in...
  18. Jesse

    Please Review my Site -

    Hello Guys, Review my site Just purchased a new script for it. Though some of the graphics on the site still needs to be change. Feel free to use it and spread the word! :) Criticisms and Suggestions are accepted. :biggrin: Thanks.
  19. Jesse


    Anyone here knows a good decent looking arcade script for my site I want a script which is easy to use and handle... paid or free scripts may do so... thanks in advance.
  20. Jesse

    I need help...

    Hello, I need help with the script i purchased... it shows up this error... Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in /home/*****/public_html/*****/*****/functions.php on line 14site url: please... what's the problem. Edit: Oh Nevermind, it...