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  1. satheesh

    Anyway it is Possible:

    Compress a 1GB file into a 5MB Size. It is possible?
  2. satheesh

    Best Antivirus,Best Spyware,Best FireWall:

    Best Anti virus,Best Spyware,Best FireWall: Which Anti virus Best? Which Spyware Best? Which FireWall Best? Please tell me. Thanks.
  3. satheesh

    Help me Please:

    My Computer is affected by Virus. I removed the virus. But i have three Problem. 1.I can't view the Hidden files. Tried to Select the Show hidden files in Folder option. But it automatically change to Don't Show hidden files when i press Ok. 2.If i open any drive in My Computer,it open in New...
  4. satheesh

    Domain name

    I'm bought a new domain with my credits. But no replay i got. Why?
  5. satheesh

    Domain name for me:

    I want name for future domain. My site Contain Flash Tutorial and Flash web tools. Domain name include both "Sa"(My name) and anything related to my site. I'm offering you 100 Credits for this. Thanks.
  6. satheesh

    Help me about Domain name.

    I want to buy a domain with credits for my site. I want details about x10 domain name. Thanks.
  7. satheesh

    Post your Traffic Image here:

    Post your Traffic Image here: My Traffic below:
  8. satheesh

    Text Shadow Effect Tutorial:

    Text Shadow Effect: 1. Create a Flash CS3 Document. 2. Create Static Text field at stage and Type your name in it. 3. Select Static Text field, Convert to Movie Clip. 4. Select Window->Properties->Filters. 5. Click plus symbol and Select Drop Shadow. 6. Set the Information like below BlurX...
  9. satheesh

    What are Best Traffic For my website?

    What are Best Traffic For my website? I want good Traffic For my website. Please post some traffic. I think,I made a Thread in Correct section. Otherwise sorry. Thanks.
  10. satheesh

    Contest For U

    Contest For U: I thought a number between 1 to 200. If You find out my number i will give you credits. Example: Suppose i thought a number 135. Total Entries:200 Total Credits:400. If you post the number between 130 to 140. I will Accept this number. 20% of credits for me, remaining for...
  11. satheesh

    It is Possible to change

    I want ot change the credits to Indian(Ruppe). It is Possible. Please help me.
  12. satheesh

    Please Rate it.

    I am completed my Home Page only. Site Link: Please check the site Color is nice or not? Back Button in Browser: Now you can use the back button in Browser to navigate the Flash. 1.First click some buttons for test. 2.Next,Click back button in Browser...
  13. satheesh

    What is the world first PC Game

    What is the world first PC Game? I think Super Mario.
  14. satheesh

    Ice Text:

    Ice Text: What you think about this?
  15. satheesh

    What is your fav sports?

    What is your fav sports Games?
  16. satheesh

    What is your fav online Games?

    What is your fav online Games? And Site Name.
  17. satheesh

    Light Effect in Flash Cs3:

    Light Effect in Flash Cs3: Effect: If you like my effect give some rep. Thanks.
  18. satheesh

    Text Shadow Effect:

    Text Shadow Effect: Effect: If you like my effect give some rep. Thanks.
  19. satheesh

    Rate my Logo:

    Rate my Logo. Logo: Please rate it.
  20. satheesh

    PHP or Java Script?

    PHP or Java Script? Which one is best to Use.