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  1. Logicx

    Few sigs

  2. Logicx

    Your Dream?

    My Dream? To Have A Bacon Sandwich for Lunch?
  3. Logicx


    Something quick I put together... I don't know, tell me what you think...
  4. Logicx

    What are your favourite bands?

    -Darkest Hour -Machine Head -Cradle Of Filth
  5. Logicx

    Just a simple Halo 2 Logo

    it does the job...
  6. Logicx

    How much you weigh?

    I weigh 5pounds heavier...I just ate alot.
  7. Logicx

    What are you listening to?

    The new instrumentals by: Nine Inch Nails Cd: Ghost I-IV
  8. Logicx

    My New logo

    My logo I've done in five minutes... For my graphic design & photography website, I'm not happy with it, what do you people think? I'm already designing a new one...
  9. Logicx


    Ello...I'm Gerald... I Love me..& bacon and graphic design...