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  1. peppermintmarci

    [GiveAway] Gravity Forms

    So I had decided to get Gravity Forms but I never use it as I use Vanilla Forums to most communication. I am deciding to give the license away to one lucky member. All you have to do is post "I would like to be entered in to this give away" I'll look through your posts and decided who I think...
  2. peppermintmarci

    Error on comparison page

    Hey I was just viewing the comparison page at diskspace it says Unmetered however in cPanel it says 1024 MB. I think that may be misleading other than that everything is correct
  3. peppermintmarci

    Huge thanks to the Staff

    I just wanna thank the entire staff team that help and provides this amazing service. When I found this host and community I fell in love. You truly live up to your name and promises. I highly recommend your services to my friends. You all do amazing work and I love being here thanks so much...
  4. peppermintmarci

    How Did you find x10 Hosting

    So I think this might be a fun poll to ask other members how the found x10hosting. Personally I found it when searching free hosting and finding nothing but sites that didn't provide what they offered. I am very happy that I found x10 :D
  5. peppermintmarci


    I'm wondering if the x10vpn has been scrapped because it's been in beta for quite some time and I think it's a great idea. (Sorry if this is in the wrong area)
  6. peppermintmarci

    Installing WordPress Manually

    INSTALLING WORDPRESS Manually What you Need: - WordPress Files - Filezilla -Database Uploading Files 1. Extract the zip file that you downloaded to a folder on your computer 2. Open Filezilla and connect to your sites FTP Account (You can find this in your website control panel on your...
  7. peppermintmarci

    Amazing Service

    I have to say x10's free hosting lives up to it's name and promises. I love the cPanel and x10 basic being able to switch between the two. It's a fast server and packed with features. I have looked all over for hosts like this and have had no luck before. The service is awesome and the community...
  8. peppermintmarci

    WordPress thoughts

    So I'm wondering do you like WordPress Personally I love it you can do so much with it and it's easy to customize. I think WP is the most popular software that websites use now. What are your thoughts on it
  9. peppermintmarci


    Hey there everyone I'm Marci and I love to blog and share my thoughts with everyone this is an amazing website to be apart of and can't wait to get to know members