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    Google+ vs Facebook

    I say Facebook is best, I see Google+ as another attempt by Google to rule the world. I have a theory that before the end of time, Google will own the universe. My friend also has a theory Google is SkyNet :P
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    Your opinions please.

    I am a fan of the layout too, the only thing I have a complaint about is how narrow the site is, but I am just a fan of wider layouts myself!
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    Forum account issues?

    Well, it appears that another person has attempted to create an account, or had an account on a email that was deleted. I have just created a gmail account, and I am trying to switch my email on these forums from my old work email to the new gmail account. I tried to add the gmail...
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    I herd they are going ot make youtube paid, maybe they are getting all these ""cool"" features so you will be tempted to purchase a membership?
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    What language should I use for a chat app

    Maybe a shoutbox that refreshes ever minute or two might be best, they are not so bad!
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    Landing page or no landing page? & Review Layout

    A lot of people prefer to go straight to the site, I personally don't care, sometimes the best part of the site is there. It is also important for some sites (yes porn :P) to find out the persons age before they enter the site, not sure if it is a law though :)
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    Gay Marriage?

    IT does not matter what you do behind closed doors. As sharky said earlier, there is a big difference between being gay and acting gay. Just because someone acts gay does not mean they are, just because someone acts straight, for all you know they are gay!
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    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Username:Bigbucks2528 Real Name:Andrew Age:16 Location:Illinois Xbox Live:T3HTerminator PSN:N/A Steam:Bigbucks_2528 XFire:N/A Games:Halo 3, MW2, CS:S
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    Anyone who likes reading sci-fi or mystery/crime novels

    Not bad, maybe when you are done you should consider sending it to a publisher :)
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    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    Counter-Strike: Source for PC, But when it comes to Xbox there are so many, but I would probably have to say that my favorite is MW2 and Halo 3 :)
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    nulled scripts

    If you use them and get caught, it could lead to termination of your hosting account (at best) or a full blown lawsuit on you and face fines or jail time (at worst)
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    Tips for promoting your website.

    This might actually be pretty helpful. The hardest thing about making a website is making it so people want to and will visit your website :)
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    Free Domain Names Guide

    Looks awesome. How long does it take to earn enough money to get to the point where you will be able to purchase a domain?
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    What language is this?

    More than likely it is PHP, an with HTML as well :)
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    20 Free Web Templates

    They really are not that bad. I might use them sometimes :P
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    Paid Hosting in Credits

    It seems like a good idea, the only problem is, as many have said before me, is the spam caused on the forums. There are many people who might take advantage of the forums and try to hurry up and get credits.
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    Get paid to keep your computer on! Up to $45/month!

    Seems interesting, I might check it out in a bit :)
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    Windows 8 in 2012?

    Could it be windows 8 that destroys the world in 2012? LOL Windows or Google might take over the world, that could be what all the hype it about :P
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    What Programming Language should I learn?

    C, Java, PHP are probably the best :)