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  1. colourmu

    requesting unsuspension

    Please can you unsuspend me? User name: colourmu Domain: colourmusic.x10host,com I don't know what happened - is it something to do with a warning about inactive accounts, that began to appear on the logon page? (I went through some rigmarole with that some months back, even though it did not...
  2. colourmu

    Resolved Should I change A Records?

    I noticed the latest post by Anna, recommending updates to A Records. My domain name [] is registered with Crazy Domains: under 'DNS Settings' they include A Records: > & > Should I change these to the number...
  3. colourmu

    Cannot get in to DirectAdmin

    I have a problem connecting to DirectAdmin. Some time after clicking the "cPanel" button, I was given a page that told me to retry to reconnect. It takes me back to the x10hosting page. This happened three times. On the third try, a login page for DirectAdmin appears. With every attempt it tells...
  4. colourmu

    DirectAdmin & pesky script

    After many attempts, I can't get to files with File Manager, on DirectAdmin. Every time I get close a pop-up appears, warning of an inactive script. The script is usually called: Sometimes, it ends with the numbers :1 or :165...
  5. colourmu

    SSL query

    Hi, another happy Free Hosting site @! I've an extra addon domain, to point a similar name ( to the same website. Everything seems to work fine, so thanks. But I recently received a funny email from "cPanel", or so it says. It asks me to go to...