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    good way to make some $$

    I tihnk i tried this once I forgot my acount and login stuff haha.
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    Check out my site

    i also think the site is amazing !!!
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    SWAGBUCKS: Search and Win Prizes!

    Dont know if it really works.
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    Virus through Facebook?

    hadnt a Virus before on facebook hmm
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    Hello !!!

    Hello im kinda of new here 89days registered lol Anyways Just glad i found this site ;)
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    would someone critique my site please

    Ya Not a big fan of animated gifs But i like the stie
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    what do you think of my site?

    I think its nice epically the forums nice Job :)
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    Review My Website

    Need some recruits in my site i only have 4 any fsx flyers out there or fs9? Please Help my site grow!
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    Funniest Website Names

    LOL i has some laughed out loud Too Lol Okay twice.:)
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    Please review my website

    Not Bad I Like it to.
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    Review My Website

    Thanks Again for the feedback
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    What do you think of my website logo?

    I tihnk its look cool thats i think.
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    Review My Website

    Thanks Alot for the feedback guys thanks
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    Review My Website

    Just Started out and i know there are some spelling mistakes. Its for a fsx or fs9 Join if you want Thanks Patriot Virtual Airlines Owner/Founder
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    Send Earnings
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    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    Xbox 360!!!!!
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    No more time

    Iv got no more time to since summer is over at California and i am back at school.:happysad: