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    ok, thanks for pointing that out to me. In that case, the current package is ok. Thanks for taking the time to help me!
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    I didn't know that, so thanks for explaining! But I'm currently not using more than the available features in the unmetered plan and the unmetered sounds very appealing, so if you could change it for me, I would very much appreciate it!
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    hello, I saw today that the free plan is unmetered, but I couldn't see how I can change my plan to unmetered myself. I'm not from a whitelist country, but I have had a website here for many years. Thank you.
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    Unsuspension please

    thank you very much. I've logged in and out of the forum, maybe my cookies needed resetting? thanks!
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    Unsuspension please

    Apparently I was suspended because of inactivity, though I have been logging in to my forum account for the last week, so this seems incorrect to me. The automatic request to remove suspension seems to be failing for me, therefor I created this ticked. Can you please solve this for me...
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    Unsuspension error

    Hello, I lost track of time and forgot to login here, so I got suspended. I tried the automatic unsuspension button, but I get an error when tracking the status: A system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: ACD907B3 what do I do to get unsuspended? (couldn't find an...
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours...

    it used to be solved for me, but it isn't anymore:
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours... thanks! *Fixed* -Daniel S
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    Stoli Offline?

    same here, I think it's down again... edit: fixed now, I can access my site again, thanks for the rather fast fix
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    Double (all) & Feedback

    thnx for the quick reply! didn't know that about the double all, so is the simple (not everything) double package not an option anymore?
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    Guess Who Posts Next

    wrong I guess someone who's bored!
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    Double (all) & Feedback

    hey, Got two questions: 1. I know there has been some "promo" about "Double (all)" where you pay a fee and get double bandwidth/space/all. But was this only a promotion? Or is this still available somewhere? 2. It would be nice to see some feedback forum/subforum, I know there's a Ongoing...
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    Account Suspended

    have you checked this post: ? Should help you out
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    To everyone who's had a problem with their site in the last week

    couldn't agree more. I appreciate the service they give here, and I hope I can enjoy it again soon!
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    can't login into cPanel

    the day before yesterday I logged into my Account Panel and I noticed that all my settings (the url, my name e-mail address and so on) were changed, now I changed them back, but for some reason I still can't log into my cPanel. when I enter my account name and pass (that I changed after I...
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    Linking problem

    when I login with my forum ID, on the main page of x10, everything is fine, but when I go to the cPanel, it says "Linking account" ... then I have to enter "Account Username" but I can't remember what the account is (and the one I can remember, isn't working) I also can't create a new account...