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  1. dharmil

    Help with the PHP and MSQL

    It only works when i check boxes i cant uncheck them. $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE username = '".$_SESSION['clientusername']."'"); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo "<div id=\"note\"><h4>Files: These are all the photos that...
  2. dharmil

    Some MYSQL and php?

    i get repeated results with this, dose any one know why $result = mysql_query("SELECT AS albumsid, AS albumsname, AS usersid, users.album AS usersalbum FROM albums, users"); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo "<option "...
  3. dharmil


    my and my friends are trying to make a paid hosting company we got every thing goo but there is only one prople during the process of making a registration script that creats accounts and stuff i found out i needed /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ but when i require it is not there...
  4. dharmil

    need some help with css

    so ig this page i made and i got one problem the roll over on the links with list dosent work on the opera bowser but works fine on ie7 and firefox can any one help me fix this
  5. dharmil

    another problem with file vip

    now when i upload images on there it makes the image in to a small white box
  6. dharmil

    Free Hosting server

    every day from around 4 to 5 the free server's http is down why is this? and can this be solved?
  7. dharmil

    Image Function Problem

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_imagetype() why cant i use that function it does exist
  8. dharmil

    question about some javascript code

    i use this code to write when i last modified a document <script> document.write(document.lastModified);</script>but this just displays the curent time/date to the seconds
  9. dharmil

    Your Arcade Site

    i recently finished making a flash arcade site where users can save there high scores like the arcade on x10. what would you give this site 1-10 and is there any thing i should add or fix in this site... Url
  10. dharmil


    when i upload a picture it uploads it then takes me to the page where they give you all the codes for forums and other Html code that page is very help full but i lose the link of my image to that page after a while so i think when you view file info...
  11. dharmil

    Adddon/Subdomin/File problem

    i got a problem i added some domins to my sub domin and when i go to my sub domin every thing works fine but when i go to it will the and domin it itsnt working properly i get a php error from a file that does not exist
  12. dharmil

    Connection Problem

    i cant go to my web site but i can go to and i checked cpanel to see if the domin was set up it is it is all there but it just stop working out of no where
  13. dharmil

    Cpanel Problem

    i have not bien able to log in to cpanel for the longest time now like 2 weeks or so when i go to the link it asks me to log in i put my info in and it just says loding but neever loads and i cant edit my site cuz i have to access to phpmyadmin and all other things in cpanel...
  14. dharmil

    donate Points

    Can any one Donate a small amount or any amount of points they can so me and my firends from school could start a compay with the domin we buy from x10 i have like 6 hundred some thing x10 cash right now all i need is little more 700 so if people could donate points i can convet them to cash and...
  15. dharmil

    SOme thing wrong with addon domain

    is there some thing wrong with addon domain i had added a doamin a long time ago it worked perfectly and every thing it was even working today mornig but now all the suddon it stop working i checked with my domain provider my dns is at Name Servers Name Server1...
  16. dharmil

    Modify account

    i tihnk you should have a link checker to change the domain so when you want to chage the domain you can check if it has bien taken
  17. dharmil

    I found a erro with filevip

    look at what i saw its was not alligned correctly and i was not aable to upload the following files on file vip because the upload page didint show up
  18. dharmil

    New Layout Designe

    well i made a new template in photo shop cuz i was board and this is what i got tell me what you think 1/10
  19. dharmil

    Arcade Mod

    can any one help me test out this arcade mod i made and report any bugs to me here it does require that you have a account on my site but i am not asking any one to register so i created a test account userName : testuser userPass : testuser but only one person at a time can use the test...
  20. dharmil

    Help with some PHP

    Help with some PHP Arcade Mod i Made i creadred a arcde mod but i mest up doing the page numbering for the games can some opne help out with tihs the page is loated : Source Code: i tihnk this is where i mest up...