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  1. aquari24


    Ive just learned that a parked domain is no better seo wise than a subdomain. with a parked domain search engines views that as duplicate content, so... as much as i love this free hosting, if i want a site that works, i will have to bite the bullet and pay for real hosting. Thanks for having...
  2. aquari24

    Have A Peek

    Ive finally finished setting up what will basically be my site. I may change now and then to suit my whims, but as a basic discussion forum i would just like to know if it fits the bill. Thanks for your time.
  3. aquari24

    To All Prospective Clients

    Just so you will hear it from a client, and not an associate of X10 Hosting, I have had my free hosted site up and running for several days now and have experienced nothing but 100% uptime, fast speeds, and absolutely no issues what-so-ever. I dont have a large complicated site, just a simple...
  4. aquari24

    a small issue i hope

    When trying to add my new domain name to the parked domain function in CPanel, it tells me that it is not a valid domain. However it most certainly is, i just bought it at namecheap, and pointed the nameservers to X10 pointed to: and