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  1. swirly

    So my account is now banned?

    I am very upset, but I am trying to be as polite as possible. I have had an account here at x10 for I don't even know how many years. I have constantly recommended your services to people praising you as a good, reliable host. Right now I am starting to regret that. My account has been...
  2. swirly

    Review please

    Started a site for my computer repair business. Check it out and let me know what you think, suggestions are appreciated.
  3. swirly


    My account says I have unlimited bandwith and storage. This being the case, I cannot see how much bandwidth I have used nor the access logs for my site.
  4. swirly

    Would you play a text based game?

    I want to make a game, I already know how. I'm just debating two different methods. Making a text based game would be much easier, and I'm wondering if many people would be willing to try a text based game much less play it. So my question is, would you?
  5. swirly

    Need a template

    I'm in need of someone to create me a template for my site. The design will be for my computer repair business. I'm calling it Topsail Geek. It will need to be eye catching and draw people in. I would like blues, blacks and grays. Also make it sort of futuristic looking. I will need it cut and...
  6. swirly


    I'm guessing this is the right place. I ned help with an assignment. I have to write a program in JAVA. I just need to know how to concantenate 3 integers. class SumDigit { public static void main(String args[]) { int proof=0; for(int a=1; a<=9; a++) {...
  7. swirly

    Review my site.

    Now I know its not the best, and no, its not complete. I just want to know what people think of it as of now. It is a computer repair site for a internet business I am trying to start. What would you change? Would you contact me to fix your computer? Does it look reputable...
  8. swirly

    [Req] Template

    I am in need of a template. I'm trying to start a business for computer repair, so it needs to look pretty professional. I'm looking for kind of futuristic, blues, greens, and blacks. I'd like it easily customizable and fully coded. I'd like a preview before you complete the whole thing as to...
  9. swirly

    [REQ]Template needed

    I'm in need of a template for my website. I have one now but it's not comaptible with every browser, and it has some other problems. I sort of like the one I have now, but I would like it a little more professional and techy looking. I would also like a logo to go with it. I like blues, blacks...
  10. swirly

    Whats with PHP

    I don't know what happened but my other post must have been deleted. For some reason when I make my index, index.php instead of index.html it won't take me to my site. Also I'm trying to do a common menu with PHP but it won't workk for some reason. Any thoughts on this?
  11. swirly

    PHP problems

    I've been working on a site off an on and for some reason my header banner doesn't display right in IE. Also when I change it to index.php my site won't display and my common menu will not work either. What can I do?
  12. swirly

    I need a template

    I'm trying to start a little computer help website. I don't know exactly what info all you GFX gurus need. I want something black and blue-ish; high tech looking- cables and all that jazz; kind of dark; I would need a logo and all. If I left anything out pm me or post here.
  13. swirly


    I posted another bulletin but it was closed without my consent. My subdomain is still messed up. I changed my subdomain to but it still points to my old one, Is there something I need to do?
  14. swirly

    subdomain change

    I tried to change my subdomain. Now when I type in my new subdomain it redirects me to my old subdomain. And the other doesn't work at all.
  15. swirly

    fancy mac virus haha
  16. swirly

    Sites not working

    My site won't show up. Just wondering if theres a restart going on or something or if its suspeneded (I'm not getting a suspension page if it is.) Also it acts like its going to go but it doesn't work. Could be my schools internet I'm not sure.
  17. swirly

    CSS Problems

    I had this problem with another site I was trying to do on the same account. CSS just doesn't seem to be working. I don't know why, it was working fine yesterday then I opened it just now and its not working.
  18. swirly

    CSS Not Working.

    I don't know if its me, but CSS on my page is not working. I have completely replaced the code and such and its still not working. I don't know if there is any problem with the server I'm on or not. I would just like to know what I should do.
  19. swirly

    I need a template

    I couldn't delete my other thread, so I made a new one. I need someone to make me a template. I want blues, blacks and greens. I like abstract backgrounds and stuff. I need a banner at the top, a menu, and a news box at least, maybe some cables and stuff to make it futuris-ticky. I also would...
  20. swirly

    I'm in need of a template.

    Ok, I need an original template. I would like something like this: I like blues, greens, and blacks. I need an area for news, a menu, ad(s), and an area for a scroll box. I would like as much as can be edited in the html/php or whatever...