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  1. tagaurot

    Error code EF05E2EBC792288B6.

    Hi x10hosting, I try to login in and already reset my password and it shows an error code. I need to log in because I got an email the shows I have not logged in for 30 days. Any help is appreciated. Thank You Michael
  2. tagaurot

    Slow Site

    Hello there, I'm just curious if there are any server issues because my site recently loaded very slowly. Thank you very much Michael
  3. tagaurot

    DirectAdmin error. I tried my correct password 10x

    Hi, I'm unable to login to DirectAdmin. I tried many times with my correct username and password seems something wrong with DirectAdmin including changing password to hosting. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank You Michael
  4. tagaurot

    Resolved My disk space is almost in quota 2GB

    Hi X10hosting, I'm back again with another question. Is there a way to upgrade my disk space on my account? I can't update the plugin because disk space is full. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks Michael
  5. tagaurot

    Resolved Disk Space suddenly soar high from 1.2GB to 2.15GB

    Hi, My Disk Space suddenly soars high from 1.2GB last week then today I suddenly realize it was 2.15GB and I can't edit my .htaccess file which causes a 404 error on pages. Attached images for more info. Any help is highly appreciated. Regards, Atonibai
  6. tagaurot

    Resolved Error 521 Web server is down

    Hi, I have experience this type of issue for the last 2 days. I want to know what is the causing of this issue. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks Michael
  7. tagaurot

    Resolved Error 524

    Good Day, I wanna ask if they're an upgrade going on the server. My site is down the last day. Not sure why. Any help is highly appreciated. Michael
  8. tagaurot

    Resolved Unable to login in FTP. Site not loading

    Hi, I'm not able to login with FTP client like I used to be and my site is not responding. I would like to know if there is any problem with the host. Any help is appreciated. Thank You Michael
  9. tagaurot

    The request was made without a referer

    Hi, Has anyone experienced this issue below:? "The request was made without a referer header and will not be immediately followed. If you wish to follow this URL anyway, click the link to continue with the missing header" Name Value Command / redirect yes I'm not sure the migration...
  10. tagaurot

    There is a problem with your request

    If you believe this decision is a mistake please get in touch on our or email. When contacting us via email, please send from your account's contact address, copy the text shown above, and if applicable, include your IP address. Has anyone experienced this issue? I've been a member since 2016...
  11. tagaurot

    Error 502

    Hi, My site is down and got an error 502. I'm not sure what happened. I would like to know a possible solution. I also can't login to the site the message is Error. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks site:
  12. tagaurot

    Review our site

    We may need also an https and ssl certificate but do not have budget. We may search for best free one out there. Our site: We'll be glad for best advices. :) Thanks