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  1. TranceOperator

    Moved to backup, now php all messed up

    Anyone know what's going on with my site? Every single thing I use is giving an error because apparently it's looking in /backup or something Warning: fopen(/home/tranceop/public_html/elitenick/usersonline735555555553.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or...
  2. TranceOperator

    My New Website Design

    I actually spent a long time on this just trying to get all the little details looking good...let me know what you think about it :) It's really my first light template, except for another I made about a month ago, but this is way better :hsdance: Oh and please don't...
  3. TranceOperator

    Rate My Signature

    Yup. The one below this post. It's kinda supposed to be an ad at the same time...that's why all the text.
  4. TranceOperator

    If You're Having PHP Problems With Your Site

    So yesterday PHP was messed up for some reason, but today it has been upgraded to 4.4. When you login to your CPanel you will see "PHP version 4.4.0" Anyway this will cause a lot of scripts to have errors. I fixed all of mine because what happens is when they upgraded all files that you...
  5. TranceOperator

    PHP Messing Up?

    Hi PHP includes no longer work on my site, and I cannot post on my tagboard. When I try to, it doesn't update with the new post, just restarts it. now with a page loaded: it's just loading the default page of the...
  6. TranceOperator

    Anonymous FTP Security Threat

    Hello Is there any way you all could disallow anonymous FTP login on the accounts? I went into my CPanel and told it to disallow any anonymous ftp logins but then I went and tried it again in the command prompt and It still lets me in!: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>ftp...
  7. TranceOperator

    Site Not Loading

    Hi I can't get into FTP or view my site through a browser... I pinged it and got this C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. I'm on the other...
  8. TranceOperator

    Please Comment on My New Dark Hi-Tech Theme I call it a theme because I have skinned my forums & tutorial pages to match lol. No it's not the same as it was a couple of days ago when I posted "my phpbb theme". I can't stop designing :noexpress but that's a good thing. Check it out everyone, lemme know what you...
  9. TranceOperator

    Switching Site Name\Domains

    Hi, I'm actually a VIP user but it won't let me post in there. Anyway, I was wondering, If I purchased a new domain name and wanted that to be my new site name, what would have to happen? The main domain I am using is a subdomain of my account domain, its so...
  10. TranceOperator

    My PHPBB Skin Made it to match the rest of my site. I think I did pretty well :grin:
  11. TranceOperator

    Can't Access CPanel Through a WLAN

    Hi everyone. I've done a ton of research on this topic on various websites, but I cannot find one that actually gives you the lowdown on what to do. I've played around with my router firewall and my personal firewall but I still can't get it to work. I tried doing port fowarding on the 2 ports...
  12. TranceOperator

    In-Depth Tutorial - How To Install a PHP Script To Your Site Hope you like it. I don't write many tutorials, but I'm starting to do them a lot so hopefully the quality will improve as time goes on. :laughing:
  13. TranceOperator

    Cannot Access CPanel On My Wireless Home Network (Cable)

    Anyone know what the reason for this is? I've tried and also and none work. Is there something I need to set or change in my router? Or is this a security setting that's messed it up. :(
  14. TranceOperator

    2 New Free Templates by Me

    Get them here Enjoy
  15. TranceOperator

    My Free Hi-Tech Templates

    My site's, direct link to the templates is 2 pages of my work, free to download and use. The first page also has live previews of the templates so you can get the full effect of them before downloading. I hope you like 'em. :grin:
  16. TranceOperator

    Error Type: 500 Internal Server Error

    This comes up every so often when I visit my website! What am I supposed to do about an internal server error? Even my website monitoring service told me it was doing it: Error Alert Your Web site is not responding URL: Time: Sat Mar 12 12:10:57 EST...
  17. TranceOperator

    New Dark Industrial Hi Tech Website Design

    Lotsa words to describe it, take a look yourself and tell me what you think. It's my latest template I've made. I already have a new one in the works though, a more smoother, rounded edge version, but for now check the one I have up - :cool: