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  1. eboyer

    Snow Leopard

    Alright mac lovers out of curiosity how many of you will be upgrading right away when Snow Leopard comes out on Friday, August 28th. I have been following this pretty closely mainly because I want to go get a MacBook Pro for school and I did not want to go buy a laptop then 4 months down the...
  2. eboyer

    Want to be part of the x10 Team?

    Fedlerner I sent you a PM regarding my PM. I was just curious as to whether or not you were able to read my PM.
  3. eboyer

    iPod Classic vs iPod Touch

    I would go with the touch because then you have your music which can fit up to 32gb if you have extra money from the the touch you have Wi-Fi and you can get games utilities and a lot of other fun things that the normal ipod does not have
  4. eboyer

    Count to 1 Million

    891 :p
  5. eboyer

    Fallout vs. Oblivion

    Fallout all the way better graphics
  6. eboyer

    Flash Question??

    What did you put in the flash file? Also do you have the latest version of flash on your computer?
  7. eboyer

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I looked at it earlier today just reminds me of windows vista but without the annoying security pop-up dialogs.
  8. eboyer


    I was fooling around and I acidently deleted my htaccess file and now i am getting this error in my error log. "[Sat Nov 3 20:58:11 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/eboyer/public_html/500.shtml" also i get a 500 internal server error when ever i try and go to...
  9. eboyer

    Xbox 360 Ring of Dealth after Halo

    Alright for all the Halo lovers and players, I got my copy of Halo 3 the day it came out, I played it everyday for a few hours, well on the third day i was horrified to find out that i had the red ring of death. I said to myself, "ok, just my luck." The next day i was talking to someother people...
  10. eboyer

    Hola a Todos

    Hola a todos, or for the english speakers hello everyone. Im Eric, i am from NY i love computers, and i work with them everydat. I think x10 is a good hosting company, so i decided to become more active ion the forums too.
  11. eboyer

    PHP Version Upgrade Request

    cPanel Username: eboyer Domain/Subdomain: Hello i put in a request to have my PHP version upgraded to Advaced but it was not accepeted. Well i am trying to install Moodle an open soruce course managment software i have it uploaded but i get this error...