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  1. phoenixreviews

    PDO Connection Error

    My site has recently stopped working, due to database connection errors. I haven't update any code on the site, but now PHP is showing me the following error: This is repeated every time I try to visit a page which requires database access. I can access the database fine with phpMyAdmin, and...
  2. phoenixreviews

    Neobux - Real-life experience making money

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share my experiences with Neobux, a relatively well-known PTC network. I signed up a little over a month ago, and purchased a pack of 20 referrals (paid $5 by paypal). As you can see from the banner below, I've earned over $5 in one month from the 20 referral pack -...
  3. phoenixreviews

    Can't FTP to my site

    I am unable to connect by FTP to my site. Normally I am able to connect to with my usual username and password. But it seems FTP has been disabled for some reason: $ ftp ftp: connect: Connection refused $ ftp ftp...
  4. phoenixreviews

    Error linking forum account

    Hi, I have recently signed up for free hosting. My account was created successfully, but I can't seem to create a new forum account from the "Register forum account" option in the control panel. Last time I tried I got this error message: It appears that we are having some slight difficulties...
  5. phoenixreviews

    ESCALATION NECESSARY - Please relink my hosting and forum accounts.

    Forum account username: phoenixreviews Hosting account cPanel username: reviews Thanks! :biggrin: