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  1. neverlate2day

    1200 for logo

    RAChITy, a group of young(minded) folks focused on Random Acts of Charity Here is the group's description: Random Acts of Charity: A group of like-minded working on community projects with an IT slant. (try to make the IT get attention) 1200 credits for designing the logo i'll have a look, if...
  2. neverlate2day

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    This thread has been active for quite some time How can I edit the poll to include a Windows 7 option I've been using RC2 for quite a while now and im already a fan WINDOWS 7!!!!!
  3. neverlate2day

    1000 Points for Logo (Vector)

    How bout this?
  4. neverlate2day


    Tgrough google webmaster tools i got a free $100 adwords coupon. Is there anyway i can use it without furnishing my details Im a student i just want to use the voucher i don't really intend to pay at all
  5. neverlate2day

    Urgent help regarding cms run you installed it to a sub-directory
  6. neverlate2day

    Why not give it a glance

    Well I'm trying to make a professional-looking site And here's my attempt There are a lot of loose ends like Web Links and News Feed which i'll play with later Later i also plan to add DIYs Any suggestions/criticism? (My site is like a tech navigator, its to...
  7. neverlate2day

    [100 points] Joomla template porting

    im like an absolute n00b, lost u there Edit: /*****************************************/ /*** Template specific layout elements ***/ /*****************************************/ #page_bg { background: #fff url(../images/page_bg.png) repeat-x top left; } #wrapper { margin:0 auto...
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    URGENT: Site not rendering problem

    URGENT!! I just updated my website theme and is is not rendering properly (joomla powered site) urgent help needed
  9. neverlate2day

    URGENT: Site not rendering problem

    URGENT!! I just updated my website theme and is is not rendering properly (joomla powered site) urgent help needed
  10. neverlate2day

    [100 points] Joomla template porting

    thanks, ill edit the camera article anyways i applied the new theme and its all messed up could you please help me with this
  11. neverlate2day

    Content Writers

    Im starting a technology navigator knda website and i need content writers I dont know is generally the deal but i guess i could offer 100-150 credits per article (that is ofcourse till im broke) As I said i don't know what's the usual deals like tell me if my offer is waay below the de facto
  12. neverlate2day

    Free adsense websites

    is this content free to publish?
  13. neverlate2day

    [100 points] Joomla template porting

    I need help porting to a new joomla theme because my text is getting hidden behind the advertisements in the right menu. The new template is already installed and acessible from the admin menu Assistance needed urgently Preview of the template i want to port to...
  14. neverlate2day

    100 credits for writing article

    actually so are these articles directly taken from chip website Dell Adamo Thirteen SONY Z48 GD Panache Mini Thin PC im sorry im not buying articles from you
  15. neverlate2day

    100 credits for writing article

    dhruv: 100 ok, but link on every article? or like on a blogroll Edit: another observation that article of yours i dunno is IDENTICAL to
  16. neverlate2day

    Review my new site

    I am planing to launch a website with my friends like a technology guide and maybe at a later stage the forums can u give me recommendations for my site especially regarding SEO also im having trouble with jfusion, can anyone assist me i...
  17. neverlate2day

    Unable to update MX Entries

    I get this error: There was a problem changing the mx entry. Error fetching zone data for's MX Can all current entries be deleted and only these be added MX Server address Priority ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM 10 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM 20 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM...
  18. neverlate2day

    100 credits for writing article

    im starting a technology and lifestyle site i need technology related (in english) news,tutorials articles, DIYs, tips&tricks,... you get the picture each article should be preferably be complemented with a pic this offer is open till my credits get over I will...
  19. neverlate2day

    cname entries to be added

    CNAME value or alias: mail calendar docs sites CNAME destination to the following address: this is for google apps can it be done
  20. neverlate2day

    Can these CNAME entries for google apps be added

    Sign in to your domain hosting service. Navigate to your DNS Management page. The location and name of this page will vary by host, but can generally be found in Domain Management or Advanced Settings. Find the CNAME settings and enter the following as the CNAME value or alias: mail...