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  1. anubhavjais7

    Angry At Something?

    If you have anything to say or are angry over something why not share your words with the world. Just vent out everything at No holds!! Say whatever you like and plus you never get banned. Go ahead try it.
  2. anubhavjais7

    Host That File!! Premium Account 12 Months

    Hi, I'm giving away a host that file premium account of value $59.99 only for $40. Here check out the site Anyone interested, kindly PM me for the details.
  3. anubhavjais7

    Advertize Your 468 X 60 Banner For 10 Credits

    Advertize your banner on my website for 10 credits or a link exchange. The banner has to be smaller than 468X60. Its a rotating banner, changes everytime the page reloads. PM me for website details.
  4. anubhavjais7

    MODS needed

    i need mods for my site, the warez section. (site not hosted on x10). Interested ppl PM me.
  5. anubhavjais7

    [req] Banner

    I need 2 banners for my website. I can offer a total of 200-250 points. Website address is in signature. PM me if interested.
  6. anubhavjais7

    10 Credits For Backlink And 30 For A Banner

    I'll give you 10 credits for a backlinks and 30 for a banner. PM me if you are interested with your website name and a small description.
  7. anubhavjais7

    Get 100 credits for 5 post

    Just make 5 posts on my website and i'll pay you 100 credits. Post your ID on my website here. I'll credit you with 100 points.
  8. anubhavjais7

    All the latest bollywood movies, music, wallpapers an d more. BOLLYMASTI.EXOFIRE.NET Try it and tell me how you liked it.
  9. anubhavjais7

    domain name and name servers

    i registered for a free domain name nd changed the nameservers to that of x10. now when i add it to parked domain i get an error Error from park wrapper: Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server...
  10. anubhavjais7

    Domain name

    Just wanted to know that if i apply for the domain name reward do i get the complete DNS control of the domain or is it preconfigured for me?
  11. anubhavjais7

    Site Details

    Here are the details of my other hosting account to be deleted cpanel user: anubhav now can i get my account unsuspended.Pls Sorry for making multiple accounts.
  12. anubhavjais7

    Rapidshare or MU or Mediafire or Netload

    there are many websites offering File hosting facility. There are RS, MU, Natload, Mediafire and a hell lot of others. Which one do you think i better for the uploader as well as downloader? I mean which one do you think provides a balanced service for users (like good upload/download speed...
  13. anubhavjais7

    when do i get back?

    i know it is tough job for all the staff members but my website has been suspended for more than a 24hrs now. The reason being high resource usage. When do i get my account unsuspended? Can a staff member help me? Already requested a account unsuspension, but no result.
  14. anubhavjais7

    how long to get unsuspended?

    How long will it take to get my account suspended, its already been more than 24 hrs. i was suspended cause of high resource usage. My domain is pls help me? thx
  15. anubhavjais7

    Ads not showing up.

    well i've placed your ad at the top but it doesn't shows up. my domain is