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  1. ibnuasad

    GZip Compression for phpBB - Can I Enable it?

    I know that GZip Compression can make my forum run faster but it could also burden the server.:happysad: Admins, please reply;)
  2. ibnuasad

    Calling for help!

    I have just started NetWorldTalk Forum.:eek: Now I need ideas of what other categories can be added to the forum. I also would appreciate if anyone here would be willing to be a moderator and marketer for NetWorldTalk. I cant hire anyone YET but once the forum gets big I PROMISE that I...
  3. ibnuasad

    Site redirect

    Ok, I have and I parked the domain NetWorldTalk.Net to that account. Here is the problem, whenever I go to , the address bar will change to Is there anyway to prevent this thing from happening...
  4. ibnuasad

    [PHPBB] Cant make the ads display

    [SOLVED - Code Alterations]|[PHPBB] Cant make the ads display Im using the default theme for phpBB(subSilver). I cant make the ads display on the header. I edited the file 'overall_header.tpl'. If I put words such as 'xxxx', the word will display but if I add in the Javascript ads
  5. ibnuasad


    Hi! My name is Ibnu Asad from Malaysia and I am a Student + WebMaster I am making a new site (Internet World Talk) and Im looking for a good host and I believe that x10hosting is the one. Hope to meet some new people here. Btw, the forum skin rocks! EDIT: My Bypass Code works! Thank...