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  1. RedhedProductions

    Aperture Science Backdrops

    Oh god I hate you boredom... Well, it's been quite a while since I touched Paint.NET, so I thought I do a little warm up with some backdrops... (10% size) 1. Readings: 2. DOS: P.S. DOS is actually ASCII built. Crop: 3. Puredom: Constructive Criticism please...
  2. RedhedProductions

    [30c]Selling small scale graphics

    Hi, I'm a nooby artist willing to sell some basic graphics. If one of the big guys won't do it, then I can give it a shot. :happysad: I do Backgrounds, Sigs, banners, you name it. Here's an example: Thanks. (P.S. It's 30 creds per work.)
  3. RedhedProductions

    Missing Email?

    When I try to log onto my Account Page, it comes up with the error: The E-Mail confirmation hasn't arrived, and I fear that, of all things, I've sent it to the wrong address. Hmm. can you help me? Thanks.
  4. RedhedProductions

    SQL database?

    OK, so I have quite literally turned CPanel and File Manage upside down. Help and search functions offer no help. Where on earth is my database? I got phpbb to make a forum, yet I am quite unable to find/edit/delete it! Help? (P.S. quick response would be good, when you access the...
  5. RedhedProductions

    House vs. Bungalow

    Which would be better? A house has more space, yet can get vast. A bungalow is cosy, but can get cramped. What would you think?
  6. RedhedProductions


    Hello all. I have recently downloaded Dynabar 2 and uploaded it to my website in the public area. When I have called up the designer, it brings up a 403 forbidden error. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Calling up the dir, has said it doesn't exist...
  7. RedhedProductions


    Hello. I'm Jon really, so that's mostly what I call myself, but anyway! I like to make graphics (especially my bars called graphims) and I sometimes program. I enjoy forums, but I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my own, as I have screwed it up several times. Tch. Anyways, I heard...
  8. RedhedProductions

    MSN Emoticons

    Hi. I was playing around with MSN Messenger one day when I thought; "Hey, these emoticons suck." So I made my own. I've included the zip that contains pack 1, 2, and 3, so go have fun. Don't rip them off as your own, please.
  9. RedhedProductions

    php upgrade pending

    Hi. Looking through the support forums, I have seen multiple threads on upgrade problems. Now, I've requested an upgrade a long time ago, before my previous thread, and I have still have not been upgraded. It has been pending for good over a week and a half now, and it's frankly getting...
  10. RedhedProductions

    Blank phpBB install page.

    Hi. I have repeated the process many times, but the result is the same. Can anyone see the fault in this? Go to and download 3.0.1 package as zip. Upload to x10 in public directory via CP Extract Go to (automatically redirects) And the page is...