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    Do you think Facebook tend to abuse their quasi-monopoly status in social-networking?

    Media-moguls like facebook and google have come to enjoy quasi-monopoly status in their respective fields. Do you think facebook, to name the superpower of socialnetworking, tends to abuse its status by simply dictating the rules of the game, irrespective of the views and rights of consumers?
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    Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer - any tennis fans out there?

    Novak Djokovic is for the first time the new tennis No. 1, according to ATP ratings. He has lived up to this promotion by today grabbing the Wimbledon title. In my opinion, Djoko certainly deserved to win today's match given the ingenious level of his game. Nadal has had to relinquish the...
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    Unable to login with ftp

    Hello there Despite all your efforts, which I have no doubt are tremendous, I'm (still) facing problems with uploading to the website. I know the service is 100% free and I'm grateful, but really the situation with trouble cropping up every few days is untenable. This time when I try...
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    Problems (again) with ftp and uploading

    Hello Corey and x10 team I am experiencing problems in modifying my website through ftp: the connection is simply not going through. Moreover trying to log into my control panel, is not working out either. Can you provide feedback in this regard, and an indication of the length of time till...
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    Site not being displayed

    Dear Corey and x10hosting team Despite logging into Forums frequently, my website is not showing up on Internet, and recently I noticed it was pages were only loading, laboriously. Does this have to do with the Cossacks Server, and when should I expect normal display of the website...
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    Irrespective of your sympathies, who shall win the World Cup?

    Given the overwhelming climate of football mania, this is a pertinent question. Please provide reasons for your answers, however untechnical they may be :confused: Here is mine: Argentina! Reason: With match-defining players like Messi and Milito, and under the formidable coaching of legendary...
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    Which browser?

    Hello there guys and girls First of all I'd like to congratulate Corey and the team for an ever-improving service, and the endeavour to expand horizons. There's always room for improvements, but really, notwithstanding the occasional complaint, I think you guys deserve a good round of...
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    Pope visits Malta today!

    Pope Benedict XVI is set to visit Malta today - quite an event for super-Catholic Malta. Does anybody out there care?
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    What is so original about the film Avatar?

    The fim Avatar has been cited as the biggest-grossing film ever; but what is so original about the film anyhow? The following are some of the innovative and ingenious ideas behind the film; please add to this list: 1. The protagonist is wheelchair-bound 2. The intimate way the natives of...
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    Hello there...

    Hi girls. guys, and aliens Just wanted to say a 'How are you?' to everybody. As a matter of fact I hope I shall receive a lot 'Fine thanks's to this post. I'm a Maltese guy, actually living in Malta. I would be honoured if you could visit the website I take care of: